Monday, November 30, 2009


I was looking forward to getting in the studio today to get some of these projects wrapped up. but as I looked around, I realized with December 1st being tomorrow, I need to get some labels on quilts that need to be sent off ASAP! So I made labels for many of the quilts that have been sitting here, the amount of labels I need to make is adding up... Usually I leave them until I send them out, but I decided I should get organized and catch up long as I had a few to make anyway... Plus, I need to keep better track of where they go, what size they are etc. I always forget to keep records of sizes...

I like had written labels. It's my last bit of work to add to a quilt, So I print it out on paper, centered etc, so I can then write it out and it looks all straight. Then I add my little BEE picture, and stitch them on. I always include the name of who they go to, who quilted it, (if I didn't), any contributors to the quilt, state, date, year etc... I don't know if they people who get them like that or not, or if they just want to cut them off, but, I like that fact that someday maybe my quilts will still be lingering around somewhere, and someone will know that it was made with love, by me. It's a nice feeling that these quilts will live longer than me...

Do you have a unique way of adding your labels? creative touches? I'd love to hear...

I also realized I need to get this other shirt done for my godson ASAP! Birthday and X-mas both in December makes the month very short! So, to go along with his BMX shirt I made him,
He also loves Star Wars, So I am trying to decide if I stitch the design on or paint it...
Gotta do it today, so I better make up my mind....

Separately, before Thanksgiving, I think I've settled on this layout for my dresdens,
I wish I could play with them today,
but not sure I will get to it.

I'm also ITCHING to start working on these FABULOUS prints from Paula Prass's new line!
She sent me some scraps to play with, so my and Shelly are going to work on something together. Aren't they fun? Love that orange....

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving (and or) a lovely weekend. We went to the beach at sunset, and oohed and ahhhed over the pink sky and purple water. (above)
So peaceful!


  1. I am so bad with labels, I never do them. But I think it is a great idea, and would love to have the information on the quilt. So, you print it out on paper and then lay your fabric over and trace? I like that idea and just may have to copy that! thanks for sharing the tip!

  2. Gosh, I've got to find a better way to label my quilts!

  3. Labels aside, the quilts are marvelous! They are beautiful spread out on the floor. Thanks for sharing them!

  4. Love seeing all your work there spread out on the floor! what a fun picture! I just write simple lables on fabric after ironing some freezer paper on the back to stablize it. Very similar to what you're doing. :) I DO like that yellow background you picked for your dresdens!!

  5. Gosh they look so beautiful all laid out on the floor! I try to label as I finish, but it doesn't alway happen. I've hand drawn labels designs, mostly write all the usual detail by hand, but lately I've printed them onto fabric too! For me, especially if its a gift, it's a gentle remeinder to the recipient of who and why it was given. And in the many years it survives beyond me, I hope people will remeber!

  6. I am so bad about labels...always have good intentions but then life kicks in and I end up making one quickly on the printer and maybe doing a bit of fancy stitching as I put it on...

    Love the new Dresden layout!

  7. I'm on a label kick right now too. I don't consider a quilt truly finished until I put a label on it.

    Generally, I print my labels and add some hand drawings as embellishment, as well as additional fabric.

    Oh, and I really like the yellow background for the dresdens.

  8. I think every quilt needs to be signed. I prefer to do handwritten quilts too, then sew them on, but my last quilt I ran out of time and just wrote directly on the back. It turned out better than expected.

    Can't wait to see what you and Shelly come up with! Have so much fun!!!!!!

  9. Love the labels. I try to remember labels, but sometimes it just ends up being my name inked on the back in Pigma pen.

  10. Hey, that Star Wars shirt looks a little familiar... ;->

    Christmas is sneaking up on us, isn't it! I need to get a to-do list ready.

  11. Oh labels - why are they such a pain and such a necessity that I never have time for? I hate my handwriting so sometimes use my machine to sew a label.
    That pile of fabric from Jennifer should be lots of fun.

  12. oh great pile of quilts!
    love the dresden plates
    and that yellow and pink fabric perfect border!!!!
    labels....I print them out and trace then I make borders with a fabric that sometimes matches the backing fabric sometimes contrasts!
    nothing fancy sorry to say!

  13. Love the two beach pictures. In theory I make labels for all my quilts, but in actuality usually only the ones I give away end up with labels. It's interesting to note you include the name of the quilter if it isn't you...I've never done that, but always thought I should. I usually print mine on photo fabric since I like to include photos of the recipient and sew it on with a border of coordinating fabric. Like your dresden layout and the picture of all the quilts laid out on the floor.

  14. You have really been busy! All those quilts look so beautiful. Your dresden quilt is looking good.

    Amazing sunset!

  15. just look at all those beautiful quilts!!! love the sunsets, too.


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