Tuesday, December 15, 2009

more playing

I cut up that vintage fabric to add some filler around the blocks... changed the layout of the red/gold/blue blocks 100's of times... and actually like this. It does not seem like a quilt I would make, perhaps it's the use of all the white...

I had to scrap together the rose borders as I only had enough for 6 pieces... but I had more of the yellow... I like that, it adds to the scrap-iness and USE WHAT YOU GOT, method...

I still want toadd a darker border to set it all off... But for today, that's it on that project, on to something else...

Last night I went out with 7 of my gal pals for dinner. We had a blast!
...and we forgot to take a picture!!! ... drat.
Andrea was there, she gave me the blue fabric and that cute little vase on the right.

The Bali pops (mulberry) are from our family that came over the weekend! love it!

And the Xmas pad, pin cushion and flannel pillow case are from Stephanie!

I feel like a little cheat opening my goodies before Xmas!!! Does that put me on the naughty list?

We missed you Amy!!! hugs!

Speaking of naughty....
Our Elevator, door buzzer, and water is all out of order this past weekend.
we have water again, but not the elevator or door buzzer, so guess who is BARKING a lot!!!!
She hears everyone walking up and down the stairwell.... BARK BARK BARK

And lastly, tucked in at the bottom of this post, so B doesn't see....
I finished her B/Buddha banner for her room.... I stuck it up on her wall for the picture, but need to wrap it up for Christmas... I think she will be quite happy with it. She keeps asking me if I have it done yet...

Alright, I gotta go bind the log cabin quilt. and finish sewing together the blue/green stars quilt... I've really been dragging my feet on sewing that thing together!!!

Happy Sewing!



  1. B is going to be so surprised and love her wall quilt. It came out wonderfully. Great job mom :o)

  2. I love B's quilt! It came out so nice. And your turquoise and red quilt from a few days ago is AWESOME! I can't wait to see more of that one. Hope to holidays are as good to you as you are to others.

  3. You did such a great job using that vintage sheet. Because I'm not seeing your border choice, and maybe it does address this, but those dark blue squares are really standing out compared to the stars.

    Oh, B's quilt... So, so lovely. What a lucky girl.

  4. Won't B be surprised to see her finished wall quilt! Lots of visual interest in the vintage sheet quilt.

  5. Looks great! Love the vintage rose fabric, and the wall hanging is WOW! Happy holidays!

  6. Wow! B is gonna be sooo surprised and is gonna Love her quilt. In her words 'persaverance' on the blue green stars! And imho, no opening girlfriends pressies doesn't put you on the naughty list :-) Enjoy!

  7. The Buddha Banner is really wonderful. Lucky girl that B
    Merry Christmas V

  8. Love the way that quilt is turning out! B's came out fabulous! She's sure to be thrilled.

  9. Oh, B will have to be thrilled with that - it is delightful!


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