Monday, December 21, 2009

monday fun

We're back in NYC. We got plowed out late last night, and hopped in the car and cruised back to the city! Where's all the snow? they had 10" and most of it is gone already... I guess the heat from the buildings has melted most of it... It's all slushy already...
I was trying to clean up a bit and I found this project I started a year ago for Chinese New Year...
I thought perhaps I could get it done for THIS Chinese New Year! Better late then never....

I've played a bit with my Kitchen Sink quilt... this morning... Soon we are off to see the Princess and the frog with B and her pal... So i got my playing done early today....

Last night before we left, we had an amazing sunset.... Everything was pink... I hope the snow will still be there to play in on Saturday when we head back to our house after Christmas!


  1. Love that Chinese New Year quilt - so festive! Definitely worth finishing up!

  2. glad you made it back safe! I like your Kitchen Sink Quilt - quirky and fun!

  3. Hey V, Glad to hear you made it home. Looks like you kitchen sink is going to be alot of fun to put together. I'm sending good thoughts to you, my friend. Merry quilting!

  4. I LOVE your kitchen sink quilt and I love the name of it especially! I think I'd like to make one of those too. Could you possibly answer another question for me please? Would you chalk lines on a quilt before pinning or after? I'm thinking the pins would get in the way but then it wouldn't be flat enough without them. Very confusing for me.

  5. Loving those snowball blocks! Great fabrics...

    Your place is looking like ours these days. I guess the storm just moved East. I knew you wouldn't have any trouble driving back to NYC, being a MN gal and all!

    Stay safe, and have a great Christmas week!

  6. Those quilt blocks are so cute--I've been hoarding some cat fat quarters--I ought to get them out and do something like that

  7. I really like the kitchen sink quilt...
    oh we still have a lot of snow here!
    hope you enjoyed the show...
    this morning the sunrise was just as pink, it was beautiful...
    especially against the snow filled trees.

  8. I think that you need some waverunner in that kitchen sink quilt :)

  9. Chinese New Year is going to look great.

  10. Hi,
    I really love your work.
    The kitchen sink quilt is a great idea.


  11. I was thinking of signing up for a class on scrappy quilts, now I have seen your kitchen sink quilt developing, I am signing up for sure! Kath in England

  12. love your Kitchen Sink! the snow is pretty, but much better for you to have it than me!


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