Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let is SNOW!

The snow has started! It looks like we will have a white Christmas after all!

12-16 inches predicted... we'll see... We are ready to play, fridge is stocked,

And I have enough firewood and sewing projects to keep me busy!

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, let is SNOW!

but for now, I'm going to take a nap by the fire! (under one of my quilts!)

Happy weekend!
Happy Sewing!



  1. "The fire is so delightful". Beautiful picture, enjoy your nap. Down south we are getting cold cold rain, just plain miserable day.

  2. We're getting messy snow--the slushy kind. Enjoy your nap by the fire.

  3. Merry Christmas V! The fire is delightful. We have rain in Seattle so DH is out doing HIS shopping, I am putting out all the candles and quilts and getting ready for a Christmas movie and a snuggle tonight. Enjoy your day!

  4. We're all stocked up too! Have a peaceful nap...

  5. quite the blizzard heading your way! But who cares if you're storm stayed if you're prepared! Enjoy it all! I'm still "Dreaming of a White Christmas" doesn't look like we'll have the white stuff this year in Vancouver.

  6. Glad you got to your house safe...looks like more snow is headed your way so a nap, firewood and a full fridge sounds like a great plan!

  7. I can just see you there by the fire under one of your amazing quilts, how fabulous! We from Australia can only imagine a white Christmas, so it's lovely to see it through your eyes!! May you and your family be safe and happy and have a fabulous Christmas V. Looking forward to more fabulous quilts and stories next year!! Cathy xo

  8. Have fun with that snow! A White Christmas sounds wonderful!

  9. Hasn't quite started here yet, but they are predicting a lot here too! A fire sounds great!

  10. It's chilly here in Alabama, high in the low forties tomorrow, but no snow here, unless we have a few flurries. Your home looks beautiful. It looks like it would be grand to be snowed in to quilt at your house!


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