Sunday, November 15, 2009


Pick up sticks is done! I can scratch that off my list of things to do!

And I don't have to date it, Since it has 9 (IX) for September, and 2009 (MMIX) in the bottom right. It was a fun quilt. And I love all the browns in it... Definitely has some favorite fabrics in this quilt.

I've gotten a lot done over the weekend. I have 3 here left to bind. And hope to get them done this week, although only ONE is a rush for Xmas... So i may procrastinate on the others...

I go the flowers all appliqued down on the first 4 or 9 blocks for this quilt.
They are going to be one big quilt all together... Each of these blocks are about 24" square.

I'm also working on two tshirts for my godson... He likes hand made things! ;-)
Last year he got the Oliver quilt, hmm, I think I might not have posted a completed picture of his quilt! Anyway here is some machine quilting i did on it, with the help of B last year...
I didn't think a little tyke would be so excited about a quilt for a gift, but his mother just told me he'll be sleeping with it until college... He loved it when he opened it last year, and I got to hear him on the phone happily exclaim how much he loved the camouflage on the quilt!
So this year my little buddy is getting a star wars shirt and a downhill bmx shirt... Just trying to figure out if I should paint it on or machine stitch it on...
He's a boy who knows what he likes, so I know he'll love these shirts...

I am going to be very busy this week. So I hope to plow through a few bindings, and finish up my red circle quilt top. I swear I will not start a new top this week.

I have enough to work on...
my dresdens are still begging me to finish them, but I am just not jumping up and down over them yet...
Where are you inspiration??
(can you wait til at least Thursday? I have to much to do here)


  1. I was going to comment about how I liked the pick up sticks in the border, and then read how they actually signify the date. YOU ARE SO CLEVER!!!

  2. the pick up sticks quilt is awesome, and i cant wait to see the finished result of those colorful blocks with the flowers on them!

  3. How unique, love it.
    Have a great week. TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. Well done on your latest accomplishment! It looks amazing. Those t-shirts sound like good fun too. What a nice boy he must be to want handmade!

  5. Looking fab V! I'm sure the minute you sit and give those dresden plates a little expressive room, inpsiration will hit you full force! Have a great week, and remember to take a few mins just for you!

  6. that binding is so zippy and fun -
    great touch to a great quilt.

  7. Every time you have shown the pick-up sticks quilt, I have loved it. The design is just so much fun, esp. with the date included in the border. Hooray for being done!

  8. I LOVE how the pick up sticks quilt turned out!!!!!! Im not so sure my nephews like hand made stuff but I force it on my sisters every year :)


  9. Loe Pick Up Sticks! I taught that technique in my class last week and the ladies loved it!

  10. Pick up sticks look wonderful! I need to make a babyquilt this week and may just try this...

    The shirts for your god-son are really fun...I have a nephew who loves his quilt and anything I make too.

  11. I just love pick up sticks. It would make a great baby quilt using some neat print. I am always looking for ideas that use prints. Thanks for the idea.

  12. I love the way you did the date on the pick up sticks quilt. Very clever!!! Cool shirts for your godson. I so love those appliqued blocks. What an amazing quilt that will turn out to be!

    FYI...I did work on my waverunner blocks some today. Didn't finish like I had hoped. Tomorrow I plan to post some pictures.

    Good luck on finding your inspiration for the dresden blocks. I am sure you'll find it ;-))

  13. The date on the pick up stix quilt is waaaay cool!

  14. Your Pick-up Stix quilt turned out really gorgeous! Well done! Happy sewing, my friend!

  15. I absolutely love this quilt..and I didn't notice at first that the patters around the border was the date. I know those are your favorite colors, but the way you used them this time was so very different. Wow!


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