Tuesday, November 17, 2009

scrap tile Quilt

I am so tired of my scraps.
I put this tile quilt together recently to get rid of some of my scraps. Of course I still have more!
I didn't even know there was a name for this kind of quilt, until I saw this post on Barbara's blog.
I can't wait to see that book... It looks interesting!

I began going through bin by bin of my scraps to cut them all down into squares,
so that I can rid myself of 15 years worth of scraps...
I have 5 bins of regular color coordinated scraps.
Another for batiks,
another for solids
and another for vintage scraps...

Like I have time to do this?!!? But it does feel good when I make my way through a bin...
and they look so nice cut into squares!
2", 2.5", 3" 4" and 5" depending on what i can get out of piece of fabric...
One thing I don't have enough is, are lights with white...
I've used up many of what I had to make these flower applique squares on point blocks...
But I just don't have enough fabrics with white in them.

Can anyone swap me some 4" cut blocks with whites in them for lights? I need to make 4 more blocks to finish my quilt top....
oranges, purples, rusty browns, pinks.
13 blocks in each color way.

cut at 4"

Like this block below...
The red circle stripe quilt is ALMOST done...
It just looks so cute... I love it.

And one more binding done, on my Parsley Patch...Scratch another off that horribly long list!
I thought I had a lot of bindings to do, but guess how many LABELS I still need to make!!!! sigh. to many to mention...

Shoot me an email if we can swap some 4"er's...



  1. Hi V...great scrap tile quilt. I need to try one of those because my aunt gave me some scraps and I had no clue what to do with them. I have three fabrics with whites in them that might work, I will take a pic and email it to you.

  2. I cut most reasonable sized scraps down at the end of a project now, anything that is scrap goes in a bag for a friend, then it's out of my way! A separate bag for selvedges too for another friend! Check out Bonnie Hunter's blog and website too. :o)

  3. Congratulations on transforming lots of scraps into the lovely tile quilt and usable squares; I'm quite envious:-)

  4. Good for you for cutting down your scraps. I guarantee you'll find them more useful and fun. I spent a month getting my sewing room organized a while back and I cut all the scraps into squares, bricks or strips using Bonnie Hunter's scrap user system. it really works. I've used up lots of those cut pieces for a charity quilt or my own stuff, and its especially good for when you might want to sew but not cut. I'd be happy to send you some light fabrics, but last time my mail took too long to get there, so I'll let the people on your side of the border help you out. it all looks good from here!

  5. I've never heard of tile quilts and I've been interested in quilt history for a long time! Wild...

    I can't believe you had five bins of scraps! I've been needing to do this too, at what point are they small enough to throw away for you?

    Hope you got my email from today...

  6. good for you for using your scraps! they never end it seems.

  7. Those quilts look great and I'm sure there's more to come from those scraps.
    I don't have alot of fabrics with whites either so not alot of help to you. Great idea to swap-hope you get what you need.

  8. I'll see what I have and you are welcome to them -- don't know how many I have with white bacgrounds, but I'll check.

  9. I was going through my scraps last night too. And all I could think about was, "Do I really want to use this fabric again?"

  10. V, Your scrap quilt is FABULOUS! I luv it! You, my friend, are a double genius! Happy sewing, binding and labeling! (You've got alot goin on.)

  11. Think I have some whites that would work for you...let me know if you still need them/want picture of them.

    Really like the tile quilt idea.

  12. I'm set! thanks guys! a few of you generously offered to send me some light 4"! I think i will be able to finish the quilt and get rid of a few of my own other 4"! thanks!!

  13. i was working with scraps this week too...wish all that work would put a DENT in my pile...but it doesn't. I think scraps multiply when I'm not looking!

  14. Great tile quilt - I ALSO learned something new today. It's a great idea.

  15. Love the tile quilt.....I saw an old one years ago and loved it. Can't wait to see that book!

  16. You have some great projects! I've never heard of a tile quilt -- but I love it! Love the red circle stripe and the colors in that parsley patch! Awesome!

  17. I love your tile quilt, it's fantastic. I don't envy you the time it takes to cut all the squares but I suppose if you tackle a bin at a time, they'll be done and take up less room. Your other projects are looking great too.

  18. you mean you can just CUT your scraps into squares? why didn't I ever think of that?

  19. I love that tile quilt? sick of your scraps??? aiyeeee, that's terrible.

  20. You are amazingly productive. Please tell me, do you have a housekeeper and a nanny? Is your husband showing up for dinner? How do you do all of this? I need to know your secret. I signed up for the Waverunner Quiltalong and am not started yet. I have been working at lots of stuff but cannot get to that. HELP with productivity, please.

  21. That scrap tile quilt looks like a mosaic to me. And I love it! I am going to save this post for inspiration because I'm tired of looking at my scraps too. I think this might be a great UFO project for me to work on in January.

  22. I love your tile quilt, too!! So very much!!! You are blowing my mind with all your genius quilt ideas. Love 'em!!!

  23. Oh no, you can't be tired of scraps, you need therapy girlfriend :D I sometimes have a scrap swap with a buddy and get excited all over again :)


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