Tuesday, November 10, 2009


B and I were in Chinatown the other day, and we saw this blue
peony fabric, We decided it was a must to use to do some updating in her room.
It's from a very fun store called Pearl River... You can see it online too. We love to go snoop through the store to find little treasures you won't find anywhere else.
B thought it would look nice around, and back for her B wall hanging with the Buddha on(see old post)..
I think she's right!

Inspired by Heather's runner from her new book, you can find it here.
It's my favorite runner out of her new book.
I decided to give a little machine applique a test on my newly fixed Janome.
After seeing all the blocks come in for the SIS BOOM POW machine appliqued...
I got inspired and wanted to give it a whirl.
Gotta try new things, it make smy sewing world just a little bigger!

Now I just need to quilt it, bind it, and wrap it for xmas!
one more off the list!

Yesterday I went to a (new to me ) restaurant, Momofuku, for lunch with my dear friend Calla, whose Birthday it was and the recipient of the runner from Sunday.. She liked it very much, and it got a close inspection by her mother! (Whom I adore... )Who said to me, You must have a very good machine! ;-) to cute. Another happy home for a homemade gift... yippee!

Now I gotta get to binding those last three quilts ASAP...

Oh! And one last thing.
Some of you may remember my friends boy, Owen from old posts...
here's an update!

recently,His CT scans were clear.....
YIPPEEEEEEE!!The plan continues to be the same for his treatments.
Chemo until the end of February, and then will stay on Tarceva (oral chemo) for a while. And we will continue to pray that the cancer cells stay away.


  1. Love that you showed us your happy recipient... how fun to see the process full circle!

  2. Love the fabric you and B picked out and I also love the runner and applique work on it. My machine could never do that! I havent even started my Christmas projects...HELP!!!

  3. Beautiful runners. I've been thinking of making one for us too. They do look fun to make. Have you used varigated thread on the flower stem? Looks greats.

    Love B's choice in fabric! I bought my Mum some pink peonies this week - her favourite flower. You are so busy at the moment making so many lovely things.

  4. What a day, and what a post! Love the fabric, the restaurant (so jealous), and the cheeky grin on Owen.

  5. Pretty Fabric Find!
    good news about owen.
    The purples are lovely for the new runner -
    you're busy!

  6. What marvelous news on Owen, may he continued to be blessed.

    Love the fabric, bright & bold.

    Pop over for our TRIPLE GIVEAWAY.
    Have a lovely eve. TTFN ~Marydon

  7. That peony fabric certainly will liven up a room. I love it. So thankful the little fellow is doing well.


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