Tuesday, October 6, 2009


rummaging through my stash...
I have this old appliqued hand sewn/embroidered crazy quilt silk top.
The royal blues are in rough shape. But the rest is in good condition.
Any ideas on how to finish it off? Do I fix the R.Blues or leave it...

I also found this in one of my bins, that I need to give a little TLC to. It's a lot of seek sucker fabrics, and hand done, and not very well, I wanted to re enforce the seams, and finish it off, because I love how sort of wonky and thrown together it is... I love the weird colors...
(but of course I would)
It needs a good pressing, Gonna do that now.

Hazards of cleaning your studio. I went in search of the 4 embroidered blocks that I have for a family lap quilt... two I did, and two Sio did for me... Do you think I can find them? I'm pulling my hair out. I know they are here, but for the life of me, I'm dumbfounded to where they are... Kept me awake last night thinking about them!
Grrr. Hate that.

The pick up sticks top is done, I've added in the borders at the top,
IX for 9 = September
and MMIX for 2009
And a nice blue brown back ground, and it's done and outta here...
It's being sent off to be quilted along with the PIXIE DUST quilt!

And now I get to press my bindings for the Simply Red quilts! Yippeee! picture soon.


  1. I just hate that when you can't find something that you know you have. You will find them when you stop thinking about them. That is what always happens to me. I just love your pick up sticks. The border is perfect.

  2. I just love the borders on the pick-up sticks quilt. You are so clever!

  3. Great finds! The brown and blue quilt looks great. The border looks good. Can't wait to see it finished! Happy sewing!

  4. Clever border! Looks really great, nice colours too. I can't wait to see it quilted. Actually I don't think I've seen much of your work quilted?

    How fabulous to be able to rumage around and find whole quilt tops!! Sorry about the missing items, just drives you crazy until you find them doesn't it? Hope that happens soon.

  5. i LOVE the roman numerals on the border...such a wonderful idea! you come up with the best finishing touches for your quilts. you inspire me!!!

  6. Don't take the trash out until you find those blocks! I was cleaning a room that was going to be the nursery for our daughter and put some molas in a zippered bag for protection. My husband had gotten them on his second sailing trip to the San Blas Islands. Somehow, in the process of cleaning and hauling out bags of stuff to donate or go to the trash, the molas disappeared. Each time we move, I still hope they will turn up hidden away somewhere and it's been 20 years! So check your trash bags before you take them out!

    Love, love, love, the pickup sticks quilt!

  7. the pick up stix quilt came out wonderful!
    Love what you did to the border...

  8. Ooh, I love the pickup sticks quilt! And isn't it fun to find forgotten tops and whatnot when you are going through your stuff?

  9. Pick up sticks is just so wonderful. You are so talented. I know how losing things goes. I was missing the doll quilt made by my grandmother for TWO years before I found it.


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