Sunday, October 4, 2009

monday projects

My daughter asked me to put out the Halloween decor today, But I really don't have any.
I had made a bunch of candy corn wonky stripes a year ago for a little quilt but didn't like them, so I pulled them out today and put these three little runners together...
I'll have to applique the pumpkins on. Something to do in front of the TV tonight...

I made these out of scraps, sewn them in color order, adn cut them down into 60 degree triangles. I thought the candy corn might be cute with some hand quilted faces on them too. We'll see. ;-)

I'm quite excited, the Simply Red Quilts should get back from Linda today!
Then I can bind them and send them on their way to their new home.

I got my border fabric for the pick up sticks quilt, so I want to try to get that done today.
I want to add the month and year into the border, using Roman numerals.
I like how it will pull the theme through the borders...But,

I had to ask my 9 year old how to write 2009 in roman numerals...
September, I could figure out. LOL


My dresdens will have to wait a bit.
I am still trying to get a vision for it,
but I have these others I must get done and out of here this week.
But, BOY! They kept me thinking all weekend...
I have an vague idea of what I'd like it to look like,
but wonder if I am biting off more than i can chew!
I also need more of that yellow gingham...

It's getting Chilly here... Time for some Creamy wild rice soup....
I better go get the groceries, so we can eat tonight!
I'll put the recipe up at the foodie blog later...
I did add a few yummy things this weekend... if your in the cooking mood!


  1. V, Luv the candy corn and pumpkins. Were you smiling the whole time you were putting those together? Cute stuff! Happy sewing!

  2. I like the candy corn blocks just the way they are! Isn't it fun to just make some decorations...

  3. You and Disney must be of like minds. We were just at California Adventure and Disney had Candy Corn hanging from trees and in flower beds. It was such a cute idea and so are your runners.

  4. I love your Halloween blocks! So cute.

    I'm loving the recipes on your food blog, too. I can hardly wait to try some.

  5. Your Halloween quilts are so those free form candy corn stripes!

  6. mmm. soup! i made creamy wild rice already this season. tonight i'm trying clam chowder. i LOVE soup (and quilt) weather. let the good times begin. (and the exercise, too.) :)


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