Thursday, October 8, 2009

Quilts in Times Square

Quilts in Times Square
Even when I live here, and times square is my back yard, I still feel like a tourist when I walk through it, But somehow with quilts being on giant marquees, I feel a little more at home!
The City Quilter did something very creative, they took a big screen in Times Square to show off their quilt show, “MADE IN NEW YORK: City Quilting“.Shelly and I made it over there to see the quilts at the Williams Club while she was here... Here's a bunch of photos from my iphone, That I never got around to showing you all!

Here's a link to ctpublishing article

This whole quilt was done with NY theme fabric, adn it was totally encrusted with beads....
detail on the right. That was quite impressive...

She even added old subway tokens into the quilt. And see the turq color beads?
lady liberty arms! How awesome is that?

These were a few others we though were a stand out...

And of course, the show contained at least 4 Dear Jane Quilts out of 60 on view...

Shelly and I voted this to be the best one out of 4. To bad I didn't have my camera for some real shots...
I'll add to thiso post in a while, i see my phone just froze up...


And, right out my window, the top of a new building...
Reminds me of a quilt too, don't cha think?


  1. Very cool to have those quilts on the big screens in Times Square. New York is a pretty amazing place, isn't it? And thanks for sharing all those quilts - I really like the one with stars that seem to overlap - a lot of planning went into that one, I am sure.

  2. LOVE those squares on the top of the building... very cool!


  3. Awesome! Love the Dear Jane quilt! Thanks for the great sharing..


  4. Hi there! Just wanted to let you know I featured your buffet makeover on my blog today! You rock!

  5. Love that Asian inspired one...just gorgeous.

  6. Don't get me wrong I love the quilt, but apparently if you add enough beads, buttons, & trim you can hind the missed points...

    Not that she did, but I have a new too in my arsenal for my missed points!

    Thanks for sharing. Too bad my MIL is coming down from NY (New Rochelle) instead of us going up, I would have loved to have seen the exhibit.


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