Thursday, October 8, 2009


Today I am back working on this black and gray and then I will be caught up,
so that I can move on to Pay it forward projects, and Xmas gifts!

i mean,
Go Yankees!
umm, I don't know who to root for!!!!

Yesterday's post seems to have really gotten lost in translation...
It takes 10,000 hours to be an expert at something, so I am trying to put my time in on little projects, and see how much better I can get.

Trying to better yourself is not a negative. I'm one who likes Challenges,
I like to "think" I can do anything and everything... And if I can't, then I want to learn how.

So, I can do your basic machine quilting, but for challenge, I want to do even better.

And to do so, yesterday I worked on the three little candy corn pieces, I tried many different techniques, some worked, some didn't, and I am happy that I tried them on something small, and not on a big quilt, or I'd be sitting and ripping it all out.

I'm happy to have these little guys done!
My daughter is thrilled toh ave some holiday decor up!

For instance, on this piece, First I started with drawn out feathers on two sides,
by the third side, I only drew out the nice slight curve and free motioned the feathers.
And by the fourth side, I did the whole thing without drawing out any feathers.

I think I like that one the BEST!, as I finally had found my rhythm... Love those feathers!

I just put in some wiggly lines to shade the candy corn. It didn't really work, they are to puffy, and my lines are really crooked. so next time, I'll try something else...

Another tip I learned was to fill the space. A good tip.

Filling the space, I paid more attention to doing that on this one.
I really like how it turned out, and how it washed up.
The puffy-ness is more even, and over all, it lays much nicer.

So they were very useful little projects! Now I am working on binding the big red quilts! they look so nice! I'll post a entire picture when I am done with both. They make me happy!
practice practice practice!

What are your quilting goals?
Are you trying new things with machine quilting?
have you seen this blog?

Lots of great ideas!

Try new things,

I dare ya!


  1. Hey V, This stuff looks GREAT! That filling up the space thing really works. Your rock, girlfriend! Have fun quilting your brains out. Me? I just ran out of thread and I thought I had a couple more spools of this certain color but I can't find them. Argh! So, I'm off to the store for thread only. Happy sewing!

  2. Shelly, I ran out of thread last night too!
    Victoria, I give you lots of credit for honesty on this - and in showing the results too. I too find it easier to wing it than follow a pattern. So much about free motion is rhythm and following a line makes it hard for me to maintain rhythm.
    Before you know it you won't be sending your quilts out, you'll be tackling all the big ones yourself.

  3. Well....My quilting goals since following your Blog are- use more plains and be braver with colour. I just got some blocks from a friend (her UFO) and she has mixed all sorts of colours in her (predominantly blue) blocks. I am going to use her blocks and add to them, determined to be BRAVE! Kath in England

  4. Love those feathers! Way to Go V! And I tried something new today too! I went back to the Bernie, and did some free motion pebbles/circles, never tried it before, and had a great time refreshing my brain and training it for something new that's not on the frame! Oh, and I did applique yesterday! Thanks for being an inspiration V!

  5. My goal is to get much better at free motion quilting too. I love the website you sent us too, so creative. Another goal is to find time to really practice. I want to get started on my 10,000 hours!!

  6. Amazing feathers! And good tip about filling up the space. I'll have to do better about that.

  7. My sentiments exactly!!! I have always wanted to know/learn how to do EVERYTHING. I'm always eager to try new things and never afraid to just 'jump in'. I have been playing/practicing machine quilting the last few weeks. I love reading about others experiences and tips and suggestions...I'M DETERMINED to learn it. Like you I sooo go for the CHALLENGE...I always seem to be drawn to the most difficult project in the joint.
    I so get your previous 'creative brain' works so much in the same way as you spoke about. I find it hard to put into words so others can understand the 'quirky' process I go through! ANYWAY...I GET IT...and I GET YOU!!! Carry on!!

  8. Can't wait to see the black and gray quilt finished. The fabrics look very modern and chic.

  9. Feathers are what I would like to tackle. I'm also trying to step out of my traditional quilts and wanting to make more modern, edgy stuff. One step at a time I guess. Looking forward to seeing what you create with the gray and black blocks. Thanks for being honest and sharing.

  10. Your blog is so inspiring. Thanks for your thoughts on improving those skills that can be improved.

    I just made my first improvisational quilt, inspired by your work, and I am pleased how it turned out. I used the leftover bits and pieces of a baby quilt, pieced them together and made a doll quilt for the big sister of the new baby. It was fun, it was challenging, and I learned so much in the process. I will hone those improv skills as I go along.

    I do need to learn/practice machine quilting, which overwhelms me; your method described here has given me confidence to get to work!

  11. Loved seeing all your projects! they look very fun...and good job on all that quilting! it only gets better as you do it and I see you are DOING IT!

  12. It is ok to have multiple projects going on while you machine quilt...I can't work at the machine for more than 20-30 minutes then I have to get up stretch and do something else for an hour or so....why does it now feel like 10,000 hours is many, many days away?!

  13. My butt gets sore when I quilt too long. I have to change it up once in a while. I know I need a better chair....I spend lots of money on my Bernina, money on my sewing table, but not on my chair...what was I thinking. Thanks for sharing all the info on the quilting. I checked out the other blog you recommended and found it great. Stephanie

  14. My goal is to also be able to machine quilt my own quilts. I am going at it slowly and need lots more practice. I just need to dig out some ugly fabric and sandwich it and practice but my head has soooo many other things that I want to do and that keeps me from practicing. That's the story of my life, I guess.

    Love the greys!! A lot!!

  15. i love the swirlys on the second candy corn piece. those are fun! i need to make some smaller pieces to practice branching out on. that is a wonderful idea.


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