Friday, September 18, 2009

friday wrap up.

Wow, what a busy week!

Here's a new little one I have been working on....
I had hoped to have a small tutorial up for the small Stones quilt.

But, I'm still working on the tutorial...
I may start it next week as a day by day...


I am also making a Xmas table runner based on the same idea of this quilt...

I enjoy picking out the fabric combinations, it's like putting together a giant puzzle...

next week I need to focus more. Things need to be done!
But for now, I am enjoying a little sewing/playing time...

Hope you are too.
Have a great weekend!


  1. the color in that small quilt looks great! i love circles!
    have a great weekend too!!!

  2. I like this idea. Looking forward to what you have to offer in a tutorial. I saw a quilt using circles in a similar way in a quilt shop and drew up the idea on the sly. Your quilt inspires me to put this idea in fabric. By the way I got to see the Kaleidoscope show in NY and was blown over. Bought the catalog which included instructions.

  3. I'm glad your doing a tutorial. Watching your progress has me saying "I want to make one" every time. :)

  4. I'd love to follow you around and just figure out how you can be so creative! fabulous!

  5. The circles look great. I am looking forward to your tutorial.

  6. Hi - sorry to bother you, but you said to remind you about the pixie dust scrap quilt when you returned from vacation. The woman who is having the baby that will die has been told now that because of further complications of the baby's trisomy 13 she is also at increased health risk. I thought of you as a bright spot in this and then reread your email and it says to remind you. I am rambling. Thank you

  7. yay! Im so excited about the turtorial! but this you already knew :) happy sewing!


  8. I'm up for it! Thanks in advance for sharing the tutorial with us.

  9. looks like your having fun and isn't that the whole purpose of us sewing
    after Monday I hope I can sew on the Machine again
    I am getting restless ;)

  10. Fun, fun, fun! Love the circle quilts, they both look great. Look forward to seeing how you do it too!

  11. It looks like a lot of fun! Looking forward to the tutorial. I just love the colors you picked out!

  12. I love the circles and am looking forward to the tutorial.

  13. that looks really awesome! Love the circles. So modern.


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