Thursday, September 17, 2009

almost there.

So close, yet so far... I got the place clean, so everything came up off the floor... now I need to clean the cutting able and my desk, and find a place for the last two bins of stuff you know you will need one day but haven't used it in a year...
Never enough space... even though I took about 14 boxes of stuff out of my studio.
All my art stuff, paints, photography stuff etc, and will move all that to my house... and one week left to whip this place into shape. Shelly from Shelly quilts is coming for a visit!
But I work well under pressure, so I had to sew today....

A couple more Xmas blocks, trying to do two a day...
Then a few scraps into a few things to work on... I have 5 bins of scraps, I may try to scrap a whole quilt out of them.... (large bottom right hand corner block)
we'll see, so for now I am dabblinng and not doing anything I should be doing!
There's always tomorrow!

Here is one other quilt I picked up on my travels in South Dakota.
$25 couldn't leave it there... I love the blue brown combos...


  1. Someone to sew with - Yeah! Love the new acquisition. Great colors.

  2. What an awesome space! I've been away from my space for a few months and I look forward to heading back to it soon. We almost ventured to South Dakota on our road trip, but decided we'd had enough of Brice's screaming. I just adore the Deadwood/Spearfish/Lead area of South Dakota. I can't wait to make it back again soon. If it weren't so far from the ocean, i'd move there!

  3. I think it looks great and I can't wait to see it in person *next week*!

  4. what great find!
    cleaning up is always an ongoing chore and I agree never enough storage space counter tops, book cases, etc, etc, etc!

  5. What an interesting peek into your studio! It looks like you have some fabulous things on the design wall.

  6. Believe it or not I love to clean out. Makes me feel like I've accomplished something while making my space more mess up again. So glad you didn't leave that pretty quilt behind.

  7. Your sewing studio looks great! I can't wait to see it in person! Luv the quilt and the price was certainly right!

  8. Great find - I have always favored blue and brown.

  9. That quilt is wonderful! I would have paid that 25$ too....if I had seen it first.
    Love your sewing space. it's wonderful...count your blessings!

  10. Can't imagine anyone parting with that lovely quilt, can you? It's wierd how some people just don't realize all the work that goes into quilting! Look at those little brown squares...goodness.
    Oh and I can't imagine being you and packing up....boxes and boxes and more boxes of "stuff".

  11. Wow, I wanna see those locks that together look like snowflakes.

    Haven't you been productive. (A little playing on the side is just part of the productivity, don't you think? :)


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