Monday, August 31, 2009


Killing a bird with more than one stone.

I finished up a few things today all relating to this little quilt above. Boy it feels good!

One, I needed something to take a long with me to sew while on vacation. Of course!

two, I finished up a little post, which you might get to see shortly somewhere else...(stay tuned)

three, it's an added picture for the flickr group TOE CATCHERS, that Amanda jean and Cheryl
Started. These two crack me up. go check it out.

and four, it gave me and B some good old quality mom and daughter creative time.

We went through my stash as I was packing it up, and we selected fabrics that we thought best fit and related to each other, to do two things. One to relate the artist, Robin Bruch's idea into our quilt and two put our own spin on it. it was a fun project that B totally enjoyed doing and, it will give me something totally different to work on! Applique!

So even if my freezer wrecked havoc on my day yesterday!
Even a failed transmission on my car and
a dead refrigerator in my city apartment, can't keep me down.

(although the stench left in my apartment after no one being there for a week to discover the broken fridge, could still knock you over)

It ain't keeping me down.

One more day and I leave it all behind for some quiet lake time... Yee HA!


  1. Love it! Well, except for the dead appliances part. Have a great trip!

  2. I love your circles and I love your attitude! I can't even imagine how bad the apartment smells. I have never done applique. Your circles sure make me want to try. It is always amazing to me how complicated life can be. We were at our beach house this weekend and the washing machine went out. We are only there on weekends so it is hard to even schedule a repair man.

  3. Fun project. Really fun! Enjoy your road project. Sorry to hear about the fridge. What is it this week, huh?

    Hang in there and have a great time away!


  4. Here's to your fridge working at the lake! Fingers are crossed--and nice toes! We have 12! I must have gotten responses from 18-20 people!

  5. Eeew! I feel for you .. we were gone for 2 weeks & came home & the fridge water line broke & the house was flooded, moldy, the floors came up, the ceiling came down, the furniture was ruined ... the hottest weeks of the summer.

    Hope everything works out for you & you enjoy your respite.

    Have a lovely week. TTFN ~ Marydon

  6. Good luck with your bird killing, it is cute. I've been cutting up triangles for flying geese. (Inspired by, hhmmmm , YOU.) Hopefully all your problems with appliences are over. Happy sewing!

  7. Beautiful beyond words to describe it! Sorry about your broken fridge and spoiled food!

  8. so great that you get to do fun things like that with B. She must be a very special girl.
    Sorry about your fridge and the car-wow, that'll be a real spendy thing!
    Hope you have a wonderful time away. Talk to you soon.
    The stones are really great looking.

  9. oh, mylanta, i love this piece! it's amazing!!! sorry to hear about all your dying appliances and car trouble. sheesh.

  10. This is beautiful!


  11. Glad all the stuff isn't keeping you down. You and B created a masterpiece.
    Relax and enjoy the lake.


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