Sunday, August 30, 2009


How to get ON TOP of your work...literally. ;-)
Backings are done for the simply reds, and will be sent off tomorrow for quilting! yippeee!
done with those!

******Wanna be part of a quilting Bee?******
Tara at Tinkerfrog needs 6 more people...

Come on. It will be fun!

NEXT, I finished the main part of my zig zag and am playing with borders,
but it will have to wait til I return and back in NYC.
not quite right yet... got more play'n to do!

here's that little blue and brown stripey piece, I finished this morning. good for now.
But I like the Jennifer Paganelli loopy vintage fabric better.


I thought, that by this time today, I would be heading out with my daughter
and her pal to see You're a good man Charlie Brown!

Just before lunch I realized my freezer went on the fritz!
(I'm fit to be tied!...insert swear words here...)
Everything that I had frozen, carrots, beans, edamame, corn, zucchini, rhubarb all melted...
a few things still frozen so I figured it was yesterday or the day before....
So instead of being FINISHED in the kitchen....

I am now, making 8 quarts of vegetable stock and canning it.
Rhubarb became Strawberrry Rhubarb Jelly.
4 loaves of Zucchini bread
1 pan of strawberry muffins...

And as long as I am at it, I have a pile more of cucumbers, so I might do that as well...
Relish anyone?

DING! there goes another timer. gotta run.


  1. all that work and the freezer goes out! That is just not right!!!!

  2. Thanks for including pictures of your beautiful home! When life gave you a lemon (freezer), you made lemonade. Good for you!!

  3. Gee, do you ever get a chance to come up for air?

  4. Oh, my gosh! That's terrible news about your freezer. Sounds like you've worked out a Plan B, though!

    Love your little blue and brown stripey piece. I's perfect for the cabinet.

  5. Oh where did you find the strength to make all that! You are truely amazing!!! I also love that blue and brown mat for your new dresser, just perfect! Gosh I hope you get a rest today.

  6. I think it is Murphy's law at work here! But just think of all that wonderful food you will have made.

  7. Holy smokes, that red quilt is big. Luv, luv, luv the little blue and brown table runner. Cute stuff. I can't wait to come to your house and eat! Happy sewing, my friend!

  8. Thanks for posting about the bee! I've gotten 3 inquiries so far! Sorry about the freezer, but at least you discovered it in time not to lose everything!

  9. ughhh! That is just so unfair! At least you are resourceful enough to switch gears and not lose all that produce, but oh the extra work. I hope you get a nice long relaxing break on your soon to be starting trip!

  10. I love preserving, making relish etc etc, like you've been doing. At least you could salvage everything, even though not your original plans. Preserving and doing what your doing, certainly saves a lot of money.

    Hopefully you'll work something out with the freezer, though, I know how inconvenient that is!!

  11. I do have some monster size zucchinis in the garden and have all the ingredients on the counter to make up some bread...

    Like how the zig-zag turned out!

  12. Way to make lemonade girl! Good for you.

  13. Aaaaaaargh!!! How frustrating!!!

    Congrats on the Red quilts. Love 'em.

  14. I asked to join the bee - we'll see if I get in! I can hardly wait to see your quilt finished.

    All that work because your freezer went out! Ugh. Well, at least it will be finished! And yes, I'll take some relish, please. lol

  15. oh, no...that is terrible timing with the freezer going out. just when you thought you were done with that stuff. i wish i were there to help you!

  16. Hi There! I found you from Design Sponge. I loved your cabinet redo! Would you mind if I featured it on my blog?

    It's a collection of all my favorite before & after projects I've found on the web. c'mon over and let me know what you think! :)

  17. So sorry about the freezer, etc. Love the kitchen and the aqua blue on the ceiling.


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