Friday, May 1, 2009


My scrap bins over floweth...

I had sent Kathie a bag of some small crumbs and some other scraps in the effort to minimize my scrap bins... I mailed them Thursday she go them Friday and already cranked out some squares.
I figured she may need more as she wants to make a kids blanket for donations, so i picked up my Yellow/pink/orange bin, dumped it out on the floor to get to the bottom,
(as some of that has not seen the light of day for about 9 years)

And boy did I find some goodies! I found a load of orphan blocks! Blocks I had made trying to make the Perfect baby blankets for our baby we were waiting to adopt! B!
So many were just not good enough, so I chopped them up into small blocks, or I attempted to make, didn't like and discarded... I wanted a palette of bright colors but not PINK.

Over the years, I have attempt to keep all my orphan blocks in one place, so that I could crazy quilt them into on big quilt. it looks so great, but boy did I get bored with that project...

But I found all these great blocks that needed just a little face lift...
so I cut them down, and played...

I'm still playing, and have a huge pile of MESS on the floor. But I don't care! I love finding all these old fabrics I collected to make B's nursery!
So many memories were in that bin.
And so many more quilts to come!
So yeah, Kathie, need more? I think I can spare some!

I have a lot more playing to do...

Did you see all Eileen's pin cushions! Do you have a lot of them too?

I have one! (but it's big!) I'm pincushion deprived!


  1. ha-ha.. I just came from Kathie's blog. I noticed some familiar scraps in there. :-)

    That pin cushion is wonderful!!! I think I'm going to have to make something like that. But I would not have expected such a lacy thing for you. Very cool. :-) Does it have a story?

  2. Can we rearrange our play-date next week to be at MY place and you can help me get to the bottom of MY scrap bin? (I kid - can't wait to see/meet you.)

  3. Ok, I admit it i need some more brights to make tons of these block, thanks!!!!
    I am having a blast making these!
    oh your pincushion deprived I will make you one
    tell me your favorite colors
    or when you send me your scraps :)
    send me 2 6" squares and I will make you one just like I posted today! ( not sure you want 1800 repro's used for your pincushion or do you????)))
    and of course your going to get a mini tumbler pincushion from these scrpas!!!!!

  4. It's like Christmas when you find some of these goodies in the bottom of a tub, isn't it? Love the pincushion too.

  5. Some fun stuff! And that is one BRIGHT quilt! LOL

  6. love your little quilt, and just imagine all made from scraps!
    it is awesome, great colors, one happy quilt!
    will you hand quilt it since it is little?
    maybe some funky color pearle cotton?

  7. Oh, what wonderful memories!! I didn't do pink for my girls, either, and no pastels.
    You may have just one pincushion, but it's snazzy.

  8. I only use one pin cushion as well. love the latest small quilt-what fun to dive in to old scraps and find new creative inspiration! a happy looking collection.


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