Friday, April 17, 2009


And the lucky winner is:


AND, just a bonus, 4 more people will get a surprise in the mail!

Janet @ quiltcrazy-janet

CJ @ astitchnaprayer

Leigh @ happysewlucky

Dionne @ sewmanyquilts

I will send you and email Sunday evening when I get back in town!
Please send your addresses!

I hope you all saw the humor in this. Totally meant in fun!

It is nice to know,
Who is reading what we all take time to put in our blogs...

Perhaps a handful of you will come back, yippee!, and perhaps, its not your thing, that's cool too! Continue to look for a community for yourselves, because when you find people who think and create like you, we boost each other up by the lovely comments and support.


I'm heading out. But stop back next week, I'm working on putting together a little challenge maybe you'll join me on... or quilt along if you want...

right now, I'm feeling a little BLUE...
(perhaps A CLUE, or maybe I am still sick)

Or maybe both!

Remember I am heading out this weekend with my gal friends? Well, I went to get my car this a.m. to give it a good wash and cleaning, and wouldn't you know it, but something went wrong with the transmisson! Thank goodness it was at 10:30a.m.(and not on the freeway!) I am hoping to get the car back from the repair shop by 5 and we leave at 6! Nothing like a little extra excitement.... never a dull momment!


And quickly, My favorite quilt for the Quilt festival. I made this for my daughter after sharing a really lovely moment with her, learning about Gee's bend and the quilts they make. It was a process I love the most, just picking up fabric and sewing it together, and my daughter begged me for it. I have had many posts about this quilt, if you want you can see the back story here.
I really need to take a better picture of it... put on my list of things to do!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hello hello! We're out here. I enjoy reading your blog, but like others, I don't always have time to leave a comment as I cruise by. I feel the same way on my blog. I think I have about 4-6 regulars who comment, which is great, and I'm always thrilled when a new person stops by!

    Hope you have a great weekend with your friends.

  2. Wow! How awesome is that! Thank you for the super fantastico surprise. Also, the little clue. I LOVE your quilt and the back story!
    PS - Have a great weekend with your friends.

  3. Have a great weekend with your friends! I hope that your car is okay.

  4. Your quilt is lovely. I need to get brave and try something much more improvisational...I'm looking forward to it actually.

  5. Beautiful quilt! I love the Gee's Bend quilts--incredible people! thanks for the list of blogs on the right--I found some more great ones! Looking forward to the challenge!

  6. Your Gee's Bend style quilt is really great/ You are really a prolific quilter! Hope your car problem was resolved. Have fun! And cograts to the winners of your give away.

  7. Thanks for choosing me as a winner. I WILL TRY to post a comment more often!

  8. I was lucky enough to be able to see the Gee's Bends exhibit at the de Young Museum in San Francisco a couple years ago. Your fabulous quilt would fit just right with them. Great job!

  9. I love the colors you picked for that quilt! Very pretty.

  10. Have a great weekend! That's a beautiful quilt you did for your daughter! Can't wait to see what next week will bring!

  11. Great quilt. So sweet that your daughter wanted it. Nice memory quilt.

  12. Hope you have a great the colors in your Gee-ish quilt!

  13. This is a great quilt with a loving story involved. Great job!

  14. Hope your girls' weekend was great! I love the quilting on your Gee's quilt.

  15. sometimes I do not think there is a lack of readers, a lack of comments, yes-as we all have times of either read or create..and the compromise might be read but do not comment to be able to read more. or, as is often the case, belated reading catch up and it seems silly to leave a comment that repeats what has already been said! hope the car was fixed and a great time was enjoyed!
    will look forward to what you have in mind when you return

  16. I love your quilt. The color is so bright and the depth the shading gives is beautiful.

  17. Great quilt, wonderful depth and movement. Enjoy the festival

  18. Love your Gee's inspired quilt! The colors are really nice and your quilting makes it for me - great work :) Thanks for sharing!

  19. Beautiful colors! Lovely quilt!! But the best of it probably is the special moment that is associated with this quilt.

  20. I love the geometric look to it, and the colours are gorgeous!

  21. That's just a great improv quilt. I so wish I could loosen myself up to make some like that.

  22. Very Very lovely improv quilt!


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