Thursday, April 16, 2009

keep it flowing.

I'm packing it in for the weekend. I'll post the winner at 5pm, then I'll be be back Sunday. It was a bit of a scattered week, and I hope to regroup, clean, and get focused and get back in the routine. if only to get everyone here healthy again!

I am happy to say that, I did try a couple new things this week. I actually did some applique on the RED Matisse quilt, which I have never enjoyed doing. But I did it, and I like how it turned out. I got that quilt pinned and ready for quilting, which I may do by hand! yeah, there I go adding another hand sewing job.... those tend to take me forever... But. I love the quilt.

I have the Grad quilt ALMOST finished, I procrastinated it all week. I have a small amount of machine quilting left on it, and never got around to finishing it. I even have the binding on it already, you'd think I'd just finish it already!
And a few little goodies for my friends. I've never made mini quilts before, so mine are a little crude... but hey! I tried! So. That's about it.
I''m off to play.

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Here's a few more people who stopped by the blog this week
who are

Letting it flow.

Trudi, is working on this free pieced top.
Check out her blog.

Krista @ cherry possum who is new to blogging, is making quilts entirely by hand! No sewing machine! Go encourage her blogging! say Hi.

Allison @ cluckclucksew Found her inspiration by seeing a pillow in a store, went home and made her own version. Love that free thinking!

Dianna @ someday-ill-be, is working on her FIRST quilt!
Stop by and encourage her!

And, just to pass this along. Farmchicks is giving away 2 yards of fabric of your choice of their new line. The line is really lovely, go take a peek. Whether I win some or not, I may need to get some. I love the aqua line, but that's no big surprise! Good thing their isn't BROWN too, or I'd be in big trouble... Not that I need anymore, but they were a new find, and thought you all might enjoy seeing their blog.


  1. V, Great stuff, as usual of course. I like the minis. They are cute. I can't wait to see the finished grad quilt. And of course, I'm DROOLING over the Red Matisse! Can't help it, it makes my skirt fly up! Have a fabulous, wonderful, and productive weekend! Happy Sewing my friend!

  2. cute mini quilts!
    I love the matisse quilt looking forward to seeing that one finished. Did you add more to the quilt top ???
    I love those turkey reds by blank!
    hope everyone is feeling better by Monday.
    get outside tomorrow enjoy the warm sunshine!

  3. Have a fabulous girls weekend! Love your latest quilts - and so fun getting a sneak peek at the new blogs. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Fun links today.. thanks!
    Have a great weekend. :-)
    (my verification word was "notable" .Cool!)

  5. I'm impressed that you tried the miniature quilts -- I've just finished reading E. Levie (sp?)'s book Marvelous Miniatures, and have got a miniature quilt (or 6) on my to-do list. I've heard they aren't quick, but that's ok.

  6. Your quilts AND mini's are great!

    Have a relaxing weekend...
    I plan on that too!!

    : ) Cat

  7. Thank you so much for the post and your kind words about our little fabric line. I appreciate it so much. Please send on your address via our site and we'll sneak you some 8X8 swatches. Your quilts are beautiful and unique.


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