Wednesday, April 15, 2009


My Mattise Quilt!
(click here!)

You love me, you really love me!
(JUST KIDDING) this is not a sally field moment!

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SO. Yes, things are still rolling along here.. I finally put a backing together for my Matisse quilt! woo hoo! Here's the back.

And let's see. more pics? ok, here they come... I maybe sick, red nosed, and out of sorts this week, with B home sick as well, this is what I have been working on...

I was working on my little quilt (bottom left) and was also teaching B to quilt her block, (top left)

I played around with the new blocks I designed, putting one on the back of the red Matisse quilt, and have decided what to do with the rest of them. make a full quilt! (of course)

The three (bottom right) I finished hand quilting them and will make them into pillows...

Top Left, I made a book of almost all of my quilts on just to have for reference. I love how the cover turned out! Yippee! It came in the mail today. now I can go in and make all my little notes on each one.

I am making three MINI quilts (top right) for my three friends coming to my house this weekend for a Girls ONLY weekend. I am binding them now, I'll post a pic later when I have them done.

I laid on the couch most of the day, with all my goodies around me...(bottom left pic) And lastly, my groceries were delivered, (NYC style, grocery shopping, online & get them delivered...) & used the boxes(bottom right pic) for MORE STORAGE. Strictly for backing fabrics so I can see what I have...



Being home sick all week, and with B home sick as well,

means my studio looks like this!

What a mess.


  1. Hey V, I LOVE your Matisse quilt! It looks great! I can't wait to see it quilted. Sorry to hear y'all are still sick. And I have to tell you it does my heart good to see your sewing space look so much like mine. I like to call it organized clutter.
    Enjoy your Girls Only weekend, it sounds like you have earned it. Happy Sewing!

  2. Poor thing...I was sick for several weeks too. It is finally better, but you get sick of the crud. Love all the quilts, at least you can enjoy their beauty when not feeling well.

  3. Not a mess - a well worked in space! It's all in how you frame it! Thanks for the plug - it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling!

  4. That's not a mess. That's creativity.

  5. Why is it that I would happily dive into your mess and help clean it up but I have an identical...make that worse, mess upstairs that I skip past daily with blinders on??
    Lucky friends. Those are darling little quilts.

  6. A book! What a wonderful idea.

    I hope you and B feel better soon. I've got it bad and can't lift my head off the pillow - I think today is going to be rough.

  7. Thank you for sending me some blog love. I truly appreciate it. I've been blogging for 4 years, and I still feel like a new kid because of the low comments. I do have some faithful commenters that keep me blogging because this is a great community.

    Wow. I love how big your studio looks. I took over a corner of the non-used dining room. I hope B gets better.

  8. Isn't it great to "meet" new people through comments? I hope everyone is on the road to wellness very soon!

  9. yes, it's true getting folks to leave a comment is great-I find not everyone leaves a comment however that visits-certainly not everyone I leave comments at leaves a comment on mine I know for sure. love the reality of your quilt book-how fun is that! hope you are feeling well soon and B too.

  10. I love seeing how busy you are and how the different quilts are progressing. Soo many projects (I should talk...)but to have a place to confine the mess would be nice. I love your space. talk to you soon.

  11. Is it too late for the giveaway?
    The runner is spetacular.

  12. I would love a messy studio!! I unfortunately have to work off the kitchen table - and share it with the rest of the family at the same time......not fun!

    Sounds like your girls weekend is going to be a blast :o)


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