Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday's Build

I don't mean to keep posting these buildings, but this is what I look at every day.... I guess, after Andrea pointed out this quilt looked like buildings, it dawned on me where the image was coming from! DOH!

Interesting though, I had no plan when I started sewing black and white scraps together to make this.... Funny how that works!

Below is what it looked like before.
I guess we really are influenced by our environment!


  1. We sure.. of course that's a quilt of the buildings :-) The red gives it away.

  2. Wow - that's remarkable. Andrea has a good eye.

  3. Your quilt is fabulous! Interesting that it resembles those buildings!


  4. I had to scroll back to find this post. I love that quilt, and it absolutely looks like city buildings. I got behind in blog reading and it just happened that this post was up on google reader all week -- and I left it because instead of making me feel guilty about not finding time to read blogs, it made me feel wonderful to look at that quilt!


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