Tuesday, February 24, 2009

tuesday progress

Procrastination no more... I was rather scared of finally putting this 9 patch together... I just thought trying to make everything line up that it would end up all wavy etc... so I was dreading actually sewing it together.... I tend to NOT do a lot of small pieced patchwork quilts...

BUT! I have half of fit together, and I must say, It's gotten me to SLOW down, and actually enjoy the speed in which it is going together... So, I am doing a few rows a day, with the goal of Friday to have it all put together... I do find that I am thinking about two quilts ahead as I am putting this together... ;-)

So maybe I put it aside for now, and do a little on something else for awhile.

Sunny but cold, in NYC... will it ever end.


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  1. Your 9 patch looks great! I hope to have my top finished today. Hooray!

  2. I just love all the nine patch blocks. There is just something about nine patch quilts, they are so beautiful.

  3. Looks good in the photo! I put together a lot of quilts with blocks made by a variety of people (for Project Linus), and that's much harder than putting together blocks you made yourself. I do like those set with the white.

  4. I'm a regular reader of both your blogs...and I've got to say that your recipes have always been a hit here.

  5. All of these 9-patch and double 9-patch quilts are making me want to start one of my own. Very inspirational!

  6. The quilt looks great V. Take it slow it'll get finished.

  7. The nine patches look great! I am sure it will all line up fine!

  8. That's one super-gigantic ironing board you've got there!


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