Wednesday, January 14, 2009

what to do

Out of desperation, I dove into my scrap bins to hopefully make them smaller, and less flowing all over my floor... With them I have started this little thing above. I call it a thing because... well... I hate it.
So here's my question:

OK. So you've made a quilt top, and you stand back from it,

and you JUST HATE it.

A. Fold it up, put it away and forget about it

B. Take it apart, rework it, until you like it.

C. Cut it up and put it back into your scrap bins

D. Donate it. You'll never have to see it again.

E. Give it to someone who won't care (or doesn't know)
if its not your #1 best piece of work


F. Give it away in a BLOG GIVEAWAY?

I'm looking for honesty here folks!



Speaking of things of huge dislike, I have had this fabric laying around here for a good long while. I thought, ok, it's challenge, lets see what I can do with it... And I think I've actually turned some ugly fabric into something that isn't that bad. I have just the fabric to put between the blocks... I might even like it! My daughter came into my room , and AGAIN, has declared that she LOVES it, and wants it... It's amazing I ever have any quilts to give away, as she keeps claiming them.... BUT MOM, IT'S MY COLORS!

But actually, I failed to
point out to her, that, it's MY COLORS. My ever, ongoing quilt making with the colors, brown, turquoise. Once again, I have made a quilt with these colors. Maybe that's why I hate the pink red, purple, conversation heart concoction above.... those colors just rub me the wrong way...

I'm in a bit of a mood. my sewing machine, is again in the shop for repairs. do you think I sew to much? I've been trying to quilt out this quilt, as I wanted it done so i could sew the binding on it on Tuesday while I watch the Inauguration. After three days of trying to get my machine to quilt it without getting those darn loops on the back...

( I just did the quilt below and it was FINE...)
I finally took it in to get it checked over, again. It always seems to do this on me about every three quilts. Which really Stinks when they charge $35 to look it over, clean it etc. Which I had just done, myself!! But the darn tension dials would not adjust... so boo hoo, I'm whining...

So instead, I tried taking some decent pictures of some of my quilts straight on instead of laying on the floor... But It's just to dark in here today...
Did I also mention it's like 7 degrees outside? And I'm cranky? and have hot flashes...?


So one of you lovely ladies can take home that CD-rom!!


  1. Hi,
    my only possible reply is: A,A end A again!
    Bye! nichi

  2. Created something not that bad??? I think it's great. Cool quilting challenge! Hope you have fun with your giveaway. Alas, I am a Mac user too. If you have something you hate, I say find a way to be done with it. There are endless projects that you are dying to do, why get hung up on one you are gagging at?

  3. at first i said i would rework it...most of the time i do...sometimes i put it away and leave it for awhile...sometimes (here's real honesty) i toss it to get rid of it and off my mind. my strawberry quilt, i sent the blocks to nanette...she's reworking it into something was not working for me, so i gave it away. happens to me all the time. throwing away is probably not the best thing to do.

  4. Hmmm. Well I have definitely had experience in several of these areas. One.. making a quilt top I hate, two.. messing up the tension on my machine, and three.. making quilts that my daughter keeps claiming. So maybe this is what you should do. Use up all the ugly pinks and purple scraps.. make some ugly quilts that your daughter will not care if she doesn't get on her bed.. open an Etsy shop and sell the ugly quilts but tell people they are beautiful of course.. and use the money to get yourself a Singer Featherweight that you can have as a backup and take with you to the other house when you go.

  5. I would either put it away and forget about it (A) or just grin and bear it and finish it. I hate having unfinished projects sitting around

  6. I wish I had a color-way that I leaned and red - how fun, turquoise and brown - I'm an autumn how perfect, ....I can go on like that forever.....

    Know what you mean about the sewing machine...they pick the worst times to demand attention.

  7. Isn't funny how we have colors? I love some things, really like them, but they don't fit with me. But I always respond to certain colors.

  8. I would donate the heart quilt to project linus if I were you!
    they would love it and it would make a child happy!
    they will even quilt it so all you have to do it is give away !!!!
    Oh the quilt your daugher loves is the colors. Hope you get your machine back soon. OH how I hate when my machine is in for service.
    Can you borrow a machine from a friend????
    good luck
    love the chicken soup get well quilt :) just a fun quilt.

  9. Oh, I definitely fold it up and put it away. I hate ripping and re-working so that almost never happens. I suppose using it for a a Giveaway would be a fine idea because, it may not appeal to you, it may be the very thing that makes someone else say "yes, I must have that!!" :-)

  10. in the spirit of collaboration, i vote to give it to another quilter who loves it, will care for it, and will turn it into something beautiful. then, at least, you can always know that you had a part in creating something beautiful! that's why i voted for a blog giveaway : )

  11. I would fold it up and put it away. I, too, have trouble with reds. Although I LOVE the 1974 reds and need to get some more before they are gone for good. Have I mentioned I love and adore that Get Well quilt? Every time I see it, I want it.

    I love the second quilt, but am wondering what fabric in it you didn't like?

    As for the sewing machine? I say you need a new one!

  12. I always shove it back into my scrap bin in case one day I might NEED to use the fabric.

  13. I am very set on working with fabrics that I love. It never fails that when I try to force myself into another direction completely I am utterly unhappy and severely frustrated. I love to challenge myself by adding new colors or ideas into something that I am comfortable with, but complete divergence doesn't get me far. Good luck eliminating it from your life!
    That said, I LOVE the Get Well quilt and the brown and turquoise is lovely!

  14. Fold it up and put it away....let it rest....Sometimes I'll change my mind about it...If not I cut it up and reuse the fabrics.

  15. I had some trouble with my machine and it turned out to be the weight of the thread which never seemed to cause any problems before! The guy who looked it over commented that it seemed like I sewed alot.... well.. yeah! Luckily, I had a featherweight to piece on. Can't quilt on it though! Good luck! But you sure have been busy!

  16. Either give it to a person...ahem...who really likes polka dots and would adore it, orrrr, slap some borders on that thing and donate it to a neo-natal unit or Project Linus. That's a kid-happy quilt if I ever saw one.

  17. I love the colours ... it's very bright, cheerful and warm especially on this bitterly cold day here in Ottawa. It's a keeper in my book.

    Happy Quilting,
    Quilting Gallery

  18. For your ugly quilt. call me wierd, but I like it. I actually do have one. But I kept it because the batting cost more than the top
    I have a red and white quilt top that I must finish, but it's so big, and I think that's the problem.
    Your blog is great by the way...

  19. Honest answer? Been there, seen it, done it. I persevered with the World's Worst Quilt. Gave it to it's rightful owner (wedding present) and still cringe at the thought of it. So D, E or F.

    I sympathise about the sewing machine, I really do. They are the same as computers - lots of verbal TLC.

    PS: If you opt for D, I'll take it for Quilts 4 Leukaemia (VBS).

  20. I agree with B, I love those blocks! And I have the same problem, the Pfaff is back in the shop for tension issues, it seems to last through about three projects and then starts having fits again!

  21. BTW, I voted for donating it. Do not fold it up and put it away. Then it becomes a UFO. Reworking it is fine if you know "why" you don't like it. A blog giveaway, great idea and perfect for the upcoming holiday...someone will like it! Giving it as a gift, only good if you know the other person will like it.

  22. personally I like red and pink together, or red and aqua, or red and purple, or ok, you get the idea!

    I think it is fabulous your daughter keeps claiming the quilts you make! she obviously has good taste. If you love your machine- try checking out Nancy Goldworthy's book on threads- I took her class where we took all our threads and our machine and learned how to run them correctly - or found out the thread was bad and/or our machine hated certain thread brands. ok- that's my two cents on frequent machine needing repairs-last but not least...I voted but really wanted to vote donate and/or giveaway....

  23. I like your little red quilt. What don't you like about it? What were you going to make to begin with? a quilt, a wallhanging?
    1 choice you left out? Make a pillow or doll blanket out of it.

    Sometimes I hang them up and look at them until I think what to do next.

  24. I voted A, because that's what I usually do...or, did. That's why I have so many UFOs. :(

    But better is to probably finish it and give it away, or just give it away and let someone else finish it. One quilter's "ick" is another quilter's "love it"! If you hate it, you hate it and it ain't gonna get any better!

    Sorry to hear your machine is unhappy. Hope you can find the root problem and solve it. Very frustrating! You have my sympathy!

  25. I honestly voted to donate it. Project Linus is always a good one. I have received from them and I would think some little girl would love it!

  26. I like it up to the red polka dot fabric - I'd remove those last strips at the bottom and go with it.

  27. You know, sometimes all that's wrong with the tension is a little dust whacking things out. Make sure you clean the bobbin area well, and watch for the smallest pieces of lint. It just might save you that $35.00ocksmin

  28. Don't spend time on things you hate - quilting is supposed to be enjoying. Maybe you need a new machine. I got one last year and am so glad.

  29. The honest answer is I would give something away if i didn't like it, but I would give to to my friend or sister, between the 2 of them one is sure to love my rejects. With a daughter you don't have to worry about throwing anything out, especially if she is a teen, they seem to like the funkiest mix of colors!


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