Friday, January 23, 2009

New toy, test

You guys are worse than me! OPEN IT, OPEN IT! ;-)

Oh, believe me it did not sit in the box for long. I quilted out a lap quilt in about one hour. Darn that thing is fast! Who new!

But now I have a dilemma. As my other machine had been given me a bunch of problems, which are now fixed. yippee! I had started to quilt out my inauguration quilt on the old machine before it was repaired... I did about half of it...
You know, there are some loops hanging on the back, the tension just would not fix... Sometimes It worked, half the time it didn't...
SO, now that I have my new machine, and it stitches so beautifully, do I rip out half a quilt of stipple quilting, or do I leave it, and finish it as it is... I've already ripped out a bit of it, and thought, what am I doing it will take me ages to rip out... but my inner voice is saying,
keep ripping and do it all right....

so which is it...

I've also decided, I CAN NOT start another quilt top, until I finish the huge pile I have sitting here since my machine started acting up...

It's 16 quilts...

So if I post something new, that is not in this photo, PLEASE get on my case! NO MORE QUILT TOPS... for now.

5 -- of these are pinned and ready to be quilted.
2 -- I am sewing the binding and will be done soon.
4 -- are quilt tops ready to be backed.
5 -- are in block stage or almost completed tops.

That ought to save me from buying more fabric for awhile!


  1. You're supposed to finish things before you start new ones??? oh my. I see I'm not the only one doing my bit for the economy - woohoo on the new machine. If you have loops on the back.... I''m thinking it might be better to take it out. Don't hear me saying that very often.

  2. I scrolled down and saw the top of the quilt, its a keeper for sure. So as much as I hate to say it, rip it out, that quilt is a piece of history, you don't want your grandkiddies saying "gosh look at grannies sloppy quilting!" now do you? LOL Lovely quilt BTW.

  3. 16 tops, if they're all lap size that's about an hour quilting time each, which is 2 good days' work -- I see you starting another project by Monday! ;)

  4. Your inner voice have reason...listen to it!Is boring to do,ok, but then with your new toy you will have a perfect work. With regard to the new you have decided yet the subject? :-)

  5. I'm so glad that you're happy with your new toy. I have a bunch that need to be quilted too. Somebody said an hour a top? She must be speedy because it would take me a lot longer.

  6. I would rip it out or throw it out, depending on the severity - and years down the road, if it's sloppy, it will bother you.

  7. Always listen to that inner voice, it is seldom wrong. Happy quilting.

  8. If it were mine, I'd rip it out. I have ripped them out, I'm doing one now. It's one that I quilted when I first got my longarm, almost 9 years ago. I hated it when I was finished,the tension was terrible so I never put a binding on it. I have recently decided that I am going to finish some of my WIP's before I buy any new fabric, and I need to buy some fabric, and that quilt has a little more left to be ripped out. Then I'll requilt it. In the long run you won't regret it.

  9. Ha Ha! Funny joke, having projects waiting to be finished keeping one from buying fabric! Hee Hee!

    If you're heart is saying rip...I'd rip. DARN IT!!! Get a good movie, order take out and go to.

    Good luck!

  10. Lucky you to have such nice toys, I have to say frog it anyway you know you wanna. Like your blog

  11. Glad you are having fun with your new toy!

  12. I say leave the stippling in. The imperfections are part of what makes it special. (Right?)


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