Sunday, January 25, 2009

kids challenge

B is on a running start on her Spring challenge quilt project that she got for Christmas. It has some pretty fun fabrics! It's been so fun watching her learn how to use the machine...
Watching her cut, scares me to death, So I have helped a bit on that.

Tough design choices!

hmmm, how about like this....

So far, this is what she has...

I finished the yellow lap quilt on my new machine. That went lickety split! And then I also finished the quilt I will donate for Chinese New Year. So, yippee! That puts me at 14 more to go, before I can make a new top! Do you think I can do it?

I've also started reorganizing my storage space...
From loading things ups on my quilt frame...

Taking out all my paints and tools & computer junk so I can stack finished and works in progress in...
I'm getting there. But my cleaning rearranging process can take me a very long time... Now I have to move all my "ARTIST" stuff out to my house studio... so It will sit in boxes for the next couple weeks... You know, move the mess from one spot to another... sigh.

I've been having issues with my gmail email. People aren't getting my responses. I try to respond to all comments, and I've had to repeat or resend emails. I'm not sure why, but for now I am going to try sending from my other email. So If you see new emails coming from VFW2, that would be me...

And, if anyone is on facebook, and they want to be added, send me an email, and I will give you my info to find me on there.


  1. Do I think you can do it? Lordy girlfriend, you can move mountains a stitch at a time. (I think I might still be fired up from last Tuesday, but I still think you can do it.) Happy quilting!

  2. I think you can do anything and would like to know what vitamins you take.
    Your daughter looks like she's a natural. I love that layout.
    It seems to be the time of year for an early spring clean-I'm tackling mine today. If you don't hear from me-send help!

  3. B. will became a great quilters...or an actress...or both likely. She is sweet and very nice! About your 16...sorry 14 tops, they are getting less quickly. Well done!

  4. Love the video! I'm not sure how many tops I have. But I know I can't quilt them all before starting a new quilt. But YOU go, girl!

  5. OMG, your daughter is amazing! Looks like she'll be every bit as creative as her mom.
    Do let me know where to find you on Facebook -- there as so many quilters on there now, it's really getting fun. :)

  6. I would like to request a weekly installment of Sewing with Beatrice please. Adorable. Beautiful. And that machine purrs... is it the new one?

  7. V,

    First off B has more talent on the sewing machine than I proud of her....she's amazing :)
    And I love the layout of her quilt.
    You are amazing and I always admire all the projects you take on cause you do them so well.

  8. B is doing great!!!

    As are you!


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