Thursday, December 18, 2008

Today's whatevers...

I'm starting to realize how much of closet quilter I am.
Most of my friends have no idea I sew, let alone quilt...
I just had an email form my hubby, saying a friend of ours,
Debbie Taylor-Kerman, designed a line of quilting fabric for Henry glass.
She had no idea I quilted! I didn't know she did a line of fabric.
(back in APRIL!) Holiday fabric at that!
Called tis the season. check it out.
I'm sure there will be more to come. Way to go Debbie!

Perhaps that will inspire me to finally get around to doing something over at spoonflower.... well, thats on the 2009 calendar... I Haven't been able to wrap my brain around what I want to do...
my invite lies in waiting in my inbox...

I have no pics today. no time. Just got back form a Field trip with B's class to Theodore Roosevelt's birthplace, right here on 20th st in NYC. I had no idea it was there and have walked past it probably a million times. And,
can I tell you , I was amazing? Who new!

The guide was hilarious, with the bunch of third graders. I even got a badge because I new what the secret cabinet was in the dining room.
Any guesses? Bringing food up from the basement?
yes, thank you. I'm quite proud of my Junior Ranger badge I earned for that one!

But I have to say, these kids know so much its scary. They new what # president he was, who he was married to, how many kids, what he did before he was president, who the next president was...
ok? any of you know?

With great disappointment, as everyone wanted Roosevelt to run for third term... If anyone said to Taft, Hello Mr. president, he figured Roosevelt must have been at his elbow. Thought that was funny. Poor guy.

I knew he was a rough rider,(only because we live near a base which is in Montauk, long island, NY) but so did the kids, so I didn't get my badge for that!

The kids asked about Roosevelt's kids, and he said he couldn't go into that, as the kids had some issues, and this was a PG rated tour. Now I'm curious and want to run to Barnes and noble and buy the book!
ha! You do to, I know it!

LinkSo thats about all I know kids. well, I learned a heck of a lot more but I won't bore you, you'll have to go look him up . He was a pretty interesting fellow.

oooh! this was funny, one last fact. he had asthma, and one of the "cures" the Dr. told him to try was smoking cigars. How funny is that?
ah,. we've come a long way!


  1. If a doctor prescribed that today, he'd probably loose his license! I love history and love those kind of tours!

    BTW, your link for Tis the Season, didn't work. So, how does one become a fabric designer, awayway? I realize she was a artist to begin with and was probbaly approached, but it seems like online, ever one and their neighbor has designed a line of fabric. I digress...

    I used to be a closet quilter because I thought people would think it was "an old person's craft", and I am a misfit to begin with, I didn't need anything else calling me out!!! But now, everyone knows about my quilting obsession (and I'm still not old!)

  2. Just found your blog and it is so wonderful. Lots of fun and happy posts!

  3. That is such a hoot! Thanks for sharing that. I remember when I used to smoke, if I had a cough, I thought that smoking quieted it! How feeble my denial and my justification for continuing my addiction!!!

  4. that is so cool that a friend of yours designs fabric. I bought a whole bunch of that line - it was the snowmen that I recently tried to attach a JOY to (that didn't work).


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