Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Silly's and Bummers.

A tiny bit of sewing still happening this week. but for me! I had finished the SaNtA Quilt ages ago, and I found that I had one Santa that I had left out. ...

So I made it into a table runner. Great fun to practice new patterns on machine quilting! See his little mustache! I have to say, i thought 'd never get the hang of the machine quilting thing... but Its so fun to draw with the needle!

The Annual Gingerbread house. Way fun to make! or eat? make? eat? EAT....definitely wins, hands down. Chocolate mint candy cane anyone?

And now for a few SERIOUS moments with the entire family.

Before my serious bummer moments...

1) was my computer crashing

2) I plugged in my tree this morning, it looked great with all the BRAND NEW LIGHTS I bought this year!
Then ...

5 minutes later, I thought...

Didn't I just turn on the lights?

Am I loosing it or having one of those "Moments"???


three whole strings of brand new lights just decided to go completely, and utterly DEAD.

DRAG! They must have shorted out! I have no idea. errrrrr! Why is a dark Christmas tree such a disappointment?


Oh well. It was pretty while it lasted... I added, over the top of all the decorations, a string of half working white twinkle lights... better than nothing!

As my daughter pointed out, as long as theres a few presents under the tree who minds...??

She's got a point...


hmm, now this computer only wants to publish this in REALLY BIG LETTERS!!

Perhaps I should stay away from all things ELECTRICAL!!!

whats with this thing!

i give up.


  1. The runner is adorable! It is fun playing with thread, isn't it. The big font totally cracked me up! I think maybe you are having electrical issues.

  2. great family picture!
    love the table runner, hope your electrical isues are fixed asap!

  3. Oh that runner is gorgeous! I love the quilt in the other post.

    Hope your electrical problems getmù sorted. If in doubt, don't touch!

  4. Cute Santa, including mustache! Hooray for fun quilting. Your B's Gee's quilt is inspiring me to go finish a project I'm working on. Have a lovely day.

  5. Hey Beans,
    You crack me up. The large font makes it seems like you're shouting. I was laughing by the end of the post.

  6. your blog font today kinda reminds me of one of your quilts.. kind of quirky in some places. :-)
    Love all your work. VERY inspiring.


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