Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Gift a Day

The pictures show over a thousand bags decorated by everyone in B's school, parents, kids, teachers etc. for City Harvest, which are hung in the Meeting house at her school. The bags will be taken down tomorrow and given to City harvest for them to deliver the food they gather to give to the homebound and hopefully brighten a day.

It was so beautiful and I look forward to this every year, because it really brings a lot of peace just to be in this room.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams -- Eleanor Roosevelt

This is the giving season, and many of us have been so stressed out about all the gift preparing....

I thought about this today at B's Holiday Sing Along. In the beginning of a Quaker meeting, they take a few minutes for moments of silence. Well, at school anyway. In a real meeting, they pretty much sit and be quiet the whole time, and if someone is Moved to speak, then someone will, and then it maybe quiet again. It's time to reflect, look within and be quiet with yourself.

Today's gift:
remember to take time to Sit and listen to yourself. We get so busy living we forget to LIVE.

Mostly I am saying that to myself. So, thats the gift. Feel free to give it to yourself over and over and over.

Hard things to remember when we are cranking out all these HOMEMADE Xmas gifts!

As far as traditions go, (we have many) we plan on starting a new one. We read in Family fun magazine, about Writing a (2008) letter to yourself in 2009. What you like, or are feeling or what your plans are for the next year, then pack it away in the xmas/Holiday decorations, so that next year when you take them back out they are easily found, then sit around and read them, and have family time talking about them.


As far as quilting goes, The only thing I am working on, is finishing B's Quilt, the gees bed inspired one... I put the BINDING on it today! I just need to finish the hand sewing and its done! I have worked on it Since September! thats the longest I think I've worked on anything! To me its just so special. I've savored every minute of it... No Pictures though. I want to show it totally done. no peeks. You can go back and look at the old pics for now.

So. to many words right? Sorry.

I'll be at apple tomorrow to see if they can get anything off my computer hardrive... not holding my breath.

Hey Santa! I need a new Computer please! Santa? Hello? Rudolph? anyone?

OH! and get on over to commonplace she's posting a bunch of great quick bread recipes. I just ordered my groceries for Holiday baking. My other love. Cooking... yum. OoH! Its carrot raisin today! my all time favorite. It was even my wedding cake!

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  1. Cool idea to decorate bags for giving. The food banks have been heavy on my heart this season... I like seeing projects to help.

    And thanks for the link to the bread recipes... yummmmm.

    Have a peace filled day!


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