Tuesday, November 18, 2008

XMAS Home Stretch

For me, I need to have Xmas stuff done by Thanksgiving. Several things happen when it hits this time of year... We go to Seattle shortly, we have school conferences, and school auction projects are starting... This leaves me with a few three day school weeks, fewer days to get stuff done, and for all our out of town family, things need to be shipped beginning of Dec.
So, I am cramming to get the last three quilts done... well, two, now that I just finished the above... But I still need to label. (The get all the other normal holiday stuff done!) But I am starting to see the light...

Mr. O's quilt, below, I need to quilt and bind. Was thinking of quilting it out in words... Maybe I'm a bit to ambitious...

And, last but now least I will have until Dec 24th to finish the Gee's bend quilt for B.

This is part of her homemade Xmas gift this year, the gift is updating her room at our house... From little girl to big girl... but for now, it sits here...

I can't decide what to do with the binding on this...
The backing is this stripe washed denim looking color.....Any ideas?
The sheets will be very busy and fun... so I'm thinking maybe just a solid color? but what?

We have grandma making sheets for her bed, out of amy butler's Kasmir olive, so I go that covered.

She wants to cover the mural in her room, but not paint over it, so I've ordered this Orchid ginseng dewberry fabric to cover two of her walls...

Maybe a new rug, make a few pillow cases, Some light aqua on the other two walls... And a bunch of sweat and maybe a few tears! (from mom, since her girl is growing up!)


  1. fun quilting. The quilt is for B's room right? and the sheets are that Kasmir swatch? Maybe bind the quilt in orange. Would be unexpected and would take the theme from the sheets and that fabric on the wall.

  2. all your quilts are fabulous. I love your style!
    I was going to say I'd use some of the sheet fabric for the binding.. but the previous comment about solid orange really sounds terrific!


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