Thursday, November 20, 2008

No School

Every year, we take B's picture at Strawberry Fields in Central Park for our Christmas card. This year we've been so far behind! Thankfully, today and tomorrow is conferences, so no school. It was like 30 out this morning, but nothing was stopping us from going to do our task...

Sorry, I can't show you the picture! You'll have to wait til Christmas
! Unless you get a Xmas card from us!

But I can show you these! The colors, were amazing on the gingko trees...As Yellow as yellow can be...

We had a blast... to stay warm we had to run, climb, and of course build a big leaf pile and a leaf fight! I am in that picture somewhere...
Sort of a "where's Waldo" moment...

Oh, and we got insanely close to a squirrel. Sort of creepy!

We walked then from 72nd st, through Central Park down to 42nd street, Times square. 30 blocks... that kept us warm! It's funny to walk through Times Square when you live only a few blocks from it. You STILL feel like a tourist. That and feeling REALLY SMALL.

It was fun! They finished the new TKTS booth in the middle of times square, and the roof of the building is stairs, so you can climb up and you get this view below! Beats standing in the middle of the street as people used to do!

Then we hopped the subway to school, then to Tae Kwon Do... (Testing for my red Belt tomorrow!) So, I'm exhausted and the only sewing going on around here today, is finishing the binding on Oliver's quilt.

I thought at first I would quilt it out in fun words, but then, with Beatrice's
drawing help, we thought the big navy block looked like a chalk board, so she drew pictures all over it and I machined quilted them.

Fun day! As I sit here and see this view out of my studio,
it seems a little snow flakes maybe on the way?
Hmm, I say we enjoyed the best part of the day!

Time for some tea!


  1. What a great day for you all! My daughter just left Brooklyn for Austin. Quite the change, but your pics made me miss the idea of visiting her there. Thanks for the memories, and thanks for the cute quilting idea.

  2. Love that view out of your studio window! Good luck on testing for your red belt. 3 of the 5 of us have black belts. And 1 of the 5 of us have no belts - hmmm, I wonder who that could be? LOL

    The park pics and quilting pics are great! Looks like it was fun.

  3. holy cow, you really are in the CITY. great view - hope you get lots of light too. I love love love the collaboration that you and B did with the drawing/quilting. looks fantastic.

  4. wow, what a view!

    I wish to visit nyc someday. my husband, not so much. :)

  5. OMG I'm going to have to show DD your photos. She's dying to go to the Big Apple.

  6. Wonderful Idea and excellent execution of your daughter's drawing. I love it. I wonder if you are planting seeds for future quilts in her?
    I am envious of your view as well, but will the day ever come that I don't feel tension in my chest when I see two tall buildings side by side? Do you feel that as well?
    Love your blog.

  7. i can't WAIT till school gets out! funny how being adults now and we still can't wait for the breaks! hey i love your quilting...did you do it on a sewing machine or do you have a quilting machine? oh and how lucky are you to have such awesome views? wow.

  8. I can't imagine what it must be likt to live in a big city. But it looks like a country walk! Lovely photo's in the autumn leaves.... Gingko is so beautiful!


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