Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Here is my quilt that I am making for the Lazy Gal House, Home, or Pantry Quilt together...
We are make wonky, free-pieced quilts of our own design. No patterns, just take a piece of fabric and away you go... You can see from the photos, how it has grown and grown and grown through out the day today!

My idea, as originally posted is to make a new "Get Well Quilt" sort of in memory of my "sick quilt" I had as a child... you can scroll down if you missed that post, under "a bit of fun"...

I came across and old image in a book of red cross nurses sewing... So i turned her into my nursemaid for the quilt.. pouring out the sticky pink goo of medicine... And don't forget and "Apple a day keeps the Dr. Away!"

I have houses to add next under the nurse, and the words "GET WELL SOON", and under that will be a bunch of wonky red crosses across the bottom.

Above the stars, Will say, "EAT YOUR SOUP", or maybe just "CHICKEN SOUP" I haven't decided yet... depends on how it fits... EAT YOUR SOUP, REST, AND GET WELL SOON!!

(FYI: I am appliqueing a red cross on the medicine bottle... Didn't mean, XXX!!!!) HA! oops.

I'm excited to have worked on this quilt today. It's nice to get it out of my head... As I have been thinking about it for a while... Its been fun, although, I have not labored over a quilt as much as I have on this...EVER... You learn a lot of interesting little tricks piecing all these together as you go...

When it comes time to quilt it, I will have a lot of work to do on details of the face, hands pouring the medicine, etc... sigh. ;-)


  1. It's really amazing! You're very talented. I can't wait to see the finished quilt (no pressure).

  2. wow! looks great!!!lots of work!

  3. That's a very clever piece of work- I love it!

  4. That nurse is spectacular! I love her.


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