Thursday, September 29, 2016

California for a day!

I flew to SoCal this week for one day to shoot my fall videos for my upcoming new die releases! It's a lingvwaybtobho for a quick visit, but we always have so much fun at Sizxix, that it's so worth it! 

I can't wait to share the new dies coming out in less than a month at the industry trade show "Fall Quilt Market" in Houston, which happens the weekend before the International Quilt Festival show takes place! Who is going? 

I do enjoy sneaking off to Cali as I can squeeze in fun visits with friends I rarely get to see! Jamie and I got to have a quick lunch, and some Pie! Hehe! 

Today you can see a quick interview of myself, for an exhibit I am in at Houston, the dinner@8 exhibit. Please PO over and Check it out. 

 I'm about to fly home! 

Don't forget to swing by my store! 
Hours are up at my website! Come say hi in NYC! 
Vfwquilts NYC Store!

Pardon typos. Hard posting from the airport in my iPhone! 


  1. I know you're having fun, and thanks for the inspiration, but how do you deal with the jet lag? going through two time changes is not easy.

  2. It was great fun to see you this trip!


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