Monday, June 6, 2016

Welcome Back Monday!

Hello Monday!

I spent most of the weekend cleaning, cooking and hand quilting!
I guess that is not so bad! We finally got the office re organized and cleaned and everything put away... We are three days done, on Cataloging all my quilts, and the quilts I collect... We are using 200 here...  We have a few more days in NYC to do, then we have to do the quilts I have at my house.
It will be really nice to have it done, a full inventory of quilts I've made, still have, and quilts I have given away... Most of them anyway, I will have to dig trough images online through three old computers to find them all, even some that were photographed in film!   haha!  You still remember real camera film, right?

Hand quilting....
I do love hand quilting, and rarely get time to do it, so I save it for smaller projects, for faster gratification. It ives me time to sit with my Jenny Egg to snuggle and stitch! She's often covered in threads...

I've been quilting this with big stitch, using my 12 wt Aurifil thread. Running stitches and seed stitches for texture.  I'm loving it!, Gotta get it done by Tuesday!! Almost there... Just have to quilt the pink, and bind it...

Wednesday I fly to Lincoln, Nebraska to teach my Pattern Play class.  It's a fun, relaxing, almost zen like class... Building intuition,learning techniques fo free piecing and free form curved piecing, looking at what is in front of you, trusting the process, and making fun unique, YOU quilts... ( watch the video below for more info)

Did you see the video Beatrice and I did?  I show you a new quite in progress! Check it out!
Beatrice says her summer job is going to be doing my videos... I said, I have enough I can have you do! So stay tuned for my template videos, fabric and class videos! (QuiltCon catalog is out! I'll do a video on my classes soon!)  I think it's a great project for her, what takes me hours, takes her 15 minutes!
Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel so you don't miss any.
And instagram! I hope you are all following me there!  Come play with me!  

And then....I had a sweet tooth.  So I whipped up a easy cake with custard...


That's my kind of weekend!

Do you hand quilt? 
small or large projects?


  1. I hand quilt almost exclusively. It is my salvation. Love that Jenny Egg can help you with your quilting.

  2. Seed stitch, SEED STITCH! Why did I not realize I could use it for quilting!?! I have been laid up after some surgery for over a month with a small project next to me stalled because I needed a background big stitch quilting design and did not like anything I could come up with. Thank you so much!!!

  3. I used to hand quilt EVERYthing! Now that I'm a longarmer, tho, I only hand quilt smaller things. I figure I'm not gonna live long enough to keep hand quilting all the things, so machine quilting wins out just to get things done.

  4. Just finished a large hand quilted project. So wonderful when they are all done. Two that include flannel are among a couple of my favorites with their folksy feel. I like hand quilting log cabins.

  5. Even though I long arm for customers, I hand quilt so much of my own. Currently working on a 100 x 100 appliqued piece, it's getting closer to finish every time I pick up the needle and thread! I LOVE the seed stitch you did on this piece.

  6. Another longarmer here and I do like to handquilt but it took me 17 years to finish handquilting my quilt..........guess that is why I needed to do the machine quilting. I do like the big stitch and would like to try that in some of my improv stuff. Also want to say I am very excited that you are coming to Albuquerque. When I saw it on your blog post I signed up right away!!!

  7. I love what you do Victoria, colors, big stitch quilting, super!


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