Friday, June 3, 2016


Congrats Kathryn L! she said:
I think of growing up in a neighborhood with other kids born in the 10 years after WWII. What a simpler time. 
 She won the copy of Shelly's book!
I have one more main block (A Simple Life: Quilts inspired by the 50's) to make, before I start prepping the appliqué.  I don't know that I will actually get to the appliqué anytime soon, I may wrangle Shelly into working together on this one. Hehe! It helps that we are buds...

I've had a very crazy week... I have not been in my best shape the best month, so being home has been really nice. I am looking forward to a two up coming trips, Lincoln, NE, and Albuquerque Modern guild!  Apparently I am on the "10 best things to do in June"  list...

Victoria Findlay Wolfe will arrive in the Duke City in 15 days! And according to Albuquerque the Magazine, our book signing party co-hosted with Hip Stitch is one of the top 10 things to do in June! We couldn't agree more! - ABQMQG...

More info:
The Albuquerque Modern Quilt Guild presents two chances to meet Victoria Findlay Wolfe Quilts, the award-winning modern quilter, author, teacher and fabric designer. Victoria will sign copies of her books at a free evening reception on Wednesday, June 15, at Hip Stitch. On Friday, June 17, have dinner with Victoria at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and hear her explain how “playing” with fabric for just 15 minutes every day can help you create your own improvisational quilts rather than follow someone else’s design. Dinner tickets are $35 each and must be purchased in advance. For more info, contact Hip Stitch at 505-821-2739 or

Maybe I will see you there!

After that, I will be home for most of the summer... I have a week teaching at QBL, Quilting by the lake! Come sew with me!
and then a quick trip to Denver in August to tape The Quilt Show,with Ricky and Alex...and visit friends in the area briefly with Beatrice... That is a very mild summer for me... I planned two years ago to be home this summer...

I'm working on some new fun projects I wish I could share... But I'm afraid you will have to wait a year to see them... Don't you hate when people lead yo on like that? I know, but I'm bursting over here, wanting to share... But no...I'll just keep stitching away over here...

PLUS, today, in the middle of several apts, we are photographing 25 bins of quilts, and cataloging them all... meaning size, title, photos etc, of everything all in one place.  Quite a feet!  And since i pulled out all the bins, what better time to clean out the office, and chase dust bunnies, make a huge mess, then try to quickly put it all back in it's place...  Why does it all come out faster then it goes back in? Ack! So much stuff!!!

Midway through the day I had to just walk away, or I thought my brain would explode... This is why I live in a loft with very little storage space, and sparse furniture, I hate having so much stuff...gotta rid myself of things... makes me crazy. NO massive stash here! To much stuff makes me twitch.

I took a video about it today, check out youtube tomorrow sometime.  I can't get it to upload just now, but will admit here, when I can get it loaded... Are you subscribed to my youtube channel? There are more videos over there... just saying. ;-)

In the middle of all the craziness this week, a few extra things happened... #1- A cancer quilt was made, quilted, and sent today to someone who needs hugs from all of us. (pic above) Thank you again for the anvil blocks.... You have no idea who nice it is that I can whip up the blocks and get it quilted, and sent in two day off to someone who really needs a quilt hug.  I'm still good on blocks for now... I will let you know when I need more.
And #2- I now have a JUNIOR in high school.  School ended Friday... How can I have a JUNIOR in High School? I'm only 25 years old...

(quit laughing)

It's been a busy week, obviously...I hope for a restful weekend!


  1. Congrtulaions to Kathryn. I've been cleaning and sorting in the sewing room as well. Must be something in the air.

  2. You'll like Hip Stitch. I got to stop there in May, when we attended a nieces wedding. Very nice lady helped me.

  3. Hope you find the time now to relax a little and enjoy the Summer. I'll watch out for your video tomorrow, didn't realise you had a you tube channel!


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