Thursday, May 19, 2016

Spring Quilt Market set up

So what is Spring Quilt Market? 
It's a question I often get. You see me posting and many others about it, so let me give you the scoop. 

This is the twice a year Quilt Industry trade show. It is not open to the public, but to quilt shops, designers, people who make products for this industry. 

So, I'm here to showcase my newest fabric line, Meadow Storm, and also Mostly Manor as they are both ring sold to quilt shops currently.  It's a good thing to request your quilt shops when you see a line you have heard of or seen, and they don't carry it.  

My other products: Sizzix!
I design for Sizzix and each market I come out with 3 new dies.   We do "Schoolhouse presentations" of all our new products so shops can decide what they are interested in. Super fast and fun 15 to 30 minute sessions of all exciting inspiring goodness! 

These are a couple shots of some of my new die projects! I just saw these shots this morning! 

And they put my work on th cover of their new catalog! How cool! 

So that is a quick update! 
I'm off to do my Sizzix schoolhouse! Wish me luck! 

(Can't wait to share this news below! ) 


  1. Way cool. I'm thrilled about the new Sizzix adapter. Woo hoo.


  2. OMG!! ENJOY!!! How tall are you btw! :)

  3. Oh, what's the Sizzix adapter?? Is there any chance I can use the Sizzix dies on my Accuquilt Go cutter??

  4. I don't know whether to be happy or sad about the Sizzix adapter for Accuquilt dies. I purchased the Accuquilt Go last December specifically to use for the small Accuquilt dies I have (just being lazy to put them on my Big Shot Pro) but don't like how their dies are fed into the Go die cutter. I much like the way the dies move in my Fabi-cutter (again purchased to use for the small dies) so now I really don't need the Go. Good thing I got it on the cheap. Great new quilts! Have fun at the show.

  5. If I were there, I'd definitely be hanging out at your booth!


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