Monday, May 23, 2016

New Sizzix Die #1 Geese Crossing

My THREE new Sizzix Dies! 
Here is what I presented at Spring Quilt Market this past weekend!
 It's been kind of crazy winter... and now I'm back under control! haha! The next few days I will be sharing with you some my new projects for Sizzix! Enjoy!
You can always visit my video website page to learn a few new tricks in your quilting adventures!

Got love a RED AND WHITE QUILT!  Playing with Positive and Negative space, this is the packaging pattern you will get when you purchase the die!

I'm still working this version!  Of course it will be King size! 
I used my FELIX brown print from Mostly Manor

Just using the geese part and HST of the die to quickly cut out this entire project in 20 minutes... WAHOO! I now have a great table runner on my dining table...

Adding in a little strip between the geese blocks, I made this spool quilt...

Add on some Manor Stripe for borders, and BOOM! ... a beautiful lap size quilt! 
 This is going to look amazing in my living room when I get it quilted...

These dies are now available to be ordered through your local quilt shop. 
You can request them to order if they do not carry them, 
 you can begin purchasing these dies in JUNE from

You can find my dies on under Designers!
Victoria Findlay Wolfe...

Sizzix also came out with at Market, an ADAPTER PAD so that you can use Accuquilt dies on their machines as well!  So one, machine, using both kinds of dies!  Sizzix is a 30+ year old company, doing die cuts for years back to your days in elementary school! All those precut shapes! I love a company with that many years of experience.  

Sizzix dies can not be used on standard Accuquilt machines, only the Studio.


  1. The adapter is great news! Sizzix has so many cool dies - love yours, and now may be ready for a machine since I can use both dies. I do find the different machines confusing though. I would love to see a post talking about which machines are good for quilters. Thank you for the news!

  2. Not so hard... Three machines sizes. (Think Small Medium and Large) Big Shot, ( the small machines, take the 6" dies... Big Shot Plus, ( medium machine) uses The small 6" dies,AND the 9" dies... Big shot plus,(the LARGE) can use ALL the dies, 6", 9", and 12" dies... These sizes are the WIDTH that can go through the machine.. It depends on how you want to use them... TO carry with you on retreats? Small one... Medium for more flexibility, can still carry it with you... A Stationery stay in one place machine, is the big shot pro... I'll do a video sometime soon. thanks!


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