Monday, November 16, 2015

"Wanna Play?"

Wanna Play?  By Victoria Findlay Wolfe 2015

My Quilt Alliance "Animals We Love" quilt "Wanna Play?" 
is up for Auction this week!
I'm reposting my old post on the making of "Wanna Play?"


 I was playing with several Sizzix die Flowers! Sizzix has some very, very cute Flower dies, and by being able to cut 8 layers at a time means, I can have a flush garden of blooms in no time flat!

Sizzix Product Numbers:

Item # 656784 

 Item # 659810

The parts department! 
I cut out a giant hexagon and star point from my acrylic template sets, (Will be in the shop soon)  and then fused a bunch of solids with a lightweight misty fuse. Some of them I left unfused... as I want to leave them fluff up and be dimensional... 

After getting my backing ground together, I played with the layout, until I had an idea...

DOG bursting through the flowers!

A few more details, then a few more.... a smile and a floppy Big red tongue!

A bit of free motion quilting, and a bit more hand quilting using 

I love a touch of hand quilting...

A fun project to get me out of my own comfort zone! 

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