Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Super Awesome Coloring book

Friend Mark Cesarik, has a COLORING BOOK OUT! The Super Awesome Coloring Book!
These are so popular right now! I can see why,so many fun pages to draw, color and just relax!

 His book is full of his illustrations of designs that combine floral, and all kinds of fun images like Astronauts, Polar bears, dogs and Butterflies! So much variety to play with!

I'm pretty excited to bust open my new sharpie pack and get coloring! I think my first 12 years of life were spent coloring... Usually at the kitchen table with my tongue hanging out... Yes, it seems I couldn't color without doing that... I wonder if I do that when I sew.


Mark's Super Awesome coloring book can be found at his website! 
(and other book sellers)
Please Support the artist!


  1. It's a concentration thing. If my tongue isn't hanging out, I'm not concentrating! I color with fabric now and so do you. Love your work!

  2. Playing with color is therapeutic.

  3. I see coloring books are very popular now. But I'm pretty sure I'd much rather sew and play with fabric any day! I really don't see the attraction. Each to her own.

  4. Oh, please post pics after you have done some coloring. I think I could learn much from your color processing!

  5. interesting that you would color with sharpies. crayons are my weapon of choice.


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