Thursday, November 5, 2015

My New Sizzix dies!

Hi Everyone! I'm so late with my recaps!!  I came home Monday, and went straight to the Musical, Hamilton! I had no idea what to expect, but I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed it!  Then I had one day to get my studio all in shape, for a two day photography shoot for something fun for a magazine for 2016.
So here we are... I pulled something in my back and now I'm laying in bed with a heating pad to soothe it, ack!

So, let me catch you up!

I have THREE NEW Sizzix dies that released at Quilt Market!  Wanna a see?

Please note, THESE ARE NOT ACRYLIC Templates... These are my SIZZIX die cuts...
I know people get confused between my personal acrylic templates(available on my website) 
 and my Sizzix dies
These listed here are ONLY SIZZIX dies...

So, Number one! My SIZZIX BOW TIE DIE with a BONUS! The star point, to be able to make many different options!   So the above quilt... and the quilt below are both made from the same die. So much fun to play with!

So much fun tat I got inspired to use my new Manor Stripe fabrics to make a Christmas Version!  Because I need a new Christmas quilt! ( I've made three already this year!)

My Next Die, is the Rocking the House Sizzix die
I LOVE scrappy quilts! (Did you know?)  I love making BIG quilts with a repetitive shape,  With Sizzix I can cut 8 layers at a time. SCRAP BUST! and play with different ways to put the block together through way of color placement. Below I used contrasting colors on the outer border with a  beige and white stripe for the "background", then I focused in whites and lights, and then in the center, I flipped the contrasting colors...  This is one of my favorite new quilts.

Again, I made a second version, by placing the pieced block with a solid square, every other one makes for a neat lattice effect! Used Mostly Manor, My Marcus fabric line on this quilt. I can't wait for you all to play with it.

AND YES, I started another small version, playing with color... Hard to stop playing!

My Third new Sizzix Die,below,  is called Square Dance
See how the shape spins around the square? I made a very traditional little quilt of chambray fabrics and red and blues... then I had to play!

So here it is, My MODERN version of a fun traditional block! SAME BLOCK, SQUARE DANCE!!!  By Playing with color, placement, and negative space, the same block can make bother versions...And... yes, i am playing with a third version, in ORANGE... But I forgot to take a photo of it. LOL

So, there they are! I hope you will enjoy them! Shops will have sometime in November, soon after that, you can then check the website for them!


  1. Love how different the versions look by changing the style of fabrics and colour placements. You are a very talented lady :)

  2. You're always making something new, growing and expanding your ideas. These quilts are lovely.

  3. I read the headline and thought "oh my goodness, cannot believe that her new Sizzix died!". 8-O And then, I started reading the post and soon realized that you meant die as in "die cuts". I was sort of slow this morning. LOL. :-) By the way, really nice!!!! :-)

    1. This is what I thought too - that her machine had broken. It's morning for me too! The quilts are so beautiful - great inspiration. : )

  4. Love all the new quilts! And really looking forward to your new fabric line. I am trying to be bolder with color and it's very inspirational!

  5. Love your Sizzix dies but I have an accuquilt Studio cutter. Do you know of an adaptor so that I can use these Sizzix dies? Do Sizzix dies come in more than one thickness? Thanks!

  6. Thanks for sharing, so much inspiration. Hope your back feels better!


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