Wednesday, August 12, 2015

DWR progress!

Double wedding ring quilts are coming round! (Haha, pun intended!)

Cutting, planning, making decisions, changing, adding....all the parts of creative play! 

Enjoy watching the quilts come together! 
Above is my new Christmas quilt as a class sample... I can never have enough Christmas quilts!

Diane's fun whimsical quilt! I want go buy more fabrics, now! ;-)

Lynn's long to be made, Amish version (she's collected fabrics for years waiting to make this quilt)

Sara's adorable first section. She is building four units using various ombré fabrics to make a version of my "Iris by night" DWR. 

Mary's fabulous version of "Greatest Possible Trust"... Weeeeeee! So fun!

Ann's large happy, memory quilt, with a great clever edge around the quilt! Love it! 

Joyce's summer themed quilt! Each concave center is made fabric of assorted summer details. 

Nancy is our speedy quilter! Love her red blacks and whites... She may be starting number two, today! 

Above is a full melon DWR version for a class sample using orphans and random fabrics... Which will eventually live on my bed! Having Jenny Egg, means only dark quilts in my bed. :-) little pup has to always be by mommy.
(These templates double wedding ring and full melon, are available on my my website

I'm so loving having this long week with the students. I look forward to teaching this class again at Empty Spools, Assilomar in April! The class is sold out already, I hope to see you there! 


  1. Wow! Thank you! This is so fun and inspiring. So many different styles, all creative and appealing.

  2. I love all the quilts. I'm signed up for Asilomar and really looking forward to it.

  3. Ack!! sorry I missed the opportunity at Asilomar! These look wonderful and so much fun.

  4. I took you class last summer and loved it. Learned so much. I absolutely LOVE seeing all the varieties! So inspiring!

  5. This looks to have been a fun class - I love the Amish inspired DWR and the one by Mary inspired by your "Greatest Possible Trust".

  6. thanks for posting your class progress and pictures. they always inspire me. i'm sure it's not easy while your on the 'road' but i really enjoy seeing the process..


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