Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Day one! MISA

Having five days with students is an amazing experience.  It's a treat for me to have more time and discussions as we work about what is happening in our design walls.

The large beautiful classroom is getting that honey feel... (Fabric everywhere! ) love it!

Looking at the fabrics and choice people bring is a very fun way to get to know everyone!

How do you make work what you have? 
How do you highlight your theme or idea?

How do you pull together an idea, and be open to changing it, when the fabrics present a possible new and exciting option?

We cut. We look. We play. We edit. We add. We stay open to the possibilities. 

Each quilter has a great journey, and it's fun to watch them explore the options  and find that moment when the get that Aha! moment.

All good here! 


  1. Five days just to create - how wonderful!

  2. Such a welcoming space and full of energy.

  3. All those beginnings look fantastic. Can't wait to see how they progress.


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