Friday, April 10, 2015


The SIZZIX Spring Fling Blog Hop

PLAY! SPRING! Flowers!

I will force up the spring flowers even if I have to DIE cut them!
Although I did see my snowdrops have finally bloomed!! That's a start isn't it? 
I think we will go from winter, direct to summer...

In the meantime I was playing with several Sizzix die Flowers this past week! Sizzix has some very very cute Flower dies, and by being able to cut 8 layers at a time means, I can have a flush garden of blooms in no time flat!

Sizzix Product Numbers:

Item # 656784 

 Item # 659810

The parts department! 
I cut out a giant hexagon and star point from my acrylic template sets, (Will be in the shop soon)  and then fused a bunch of solids with a lightweight misty fuse. Some of them I left unfused... as I want to leave them fluff up and be dimensional... 

After getting my backing ground together, I played with the layout, until I had an idea...

I wanted to also make a second Quilt Alliance challenge quilt, Animals we love... so of course... 
why not a....

DOG bursting through the flowers!

A few more details, then a few more.... a smile and a floppy Big red tongue!

A bit of free motion quilting, and a bit more hand quilting using 
black Aurifil 12 wt thread!

I love a touch of hand quilting...

I got so excited to have this done, that I put the binding on it before I even finished the quilting! Just the background star left to quilt, that she's done!
A fun project to get me out of my own comfort zone! Happy to be thinking FLOWERS!!

Be sure to visit the others on the blog hop to see what they came up with!

( I know I have a picture of Jenny Egg doing this somewhere...She's mute on that subject.)

The Spring Fling Blog Hop

Mon, April 6 - Jamie Fingal
Tues, April 7 - Nicole Daksiewicz
Wed, April 8 - Leslie Tucker Jenison
Thurs, April 9 - Cindy Cooksey
Fri, April 10 - Victoria Findlay Wolfe
Sat, April 11 - Sue Bleiweiss
Sun, April 12 - Jessee Maloney
Mon, April 13 -Karin Jordan


  1. Jenny Egg always makes me happy, and this portrait does, too!! Put a big smile on my morning face today...
    BTW, I often put the binding on before the quilting is finished, because I don't like all those batting fibers flying around while I hand quilt. It works fine as long as it is well basted beforehand.

  2. Fabulous idea. Love the flowers that you put together. Great colors! Thanks for being a part of the hop!

  3. Such a fun piece! Your playtime must be a blast!

  4. It was nice of JE to pose for the project! I love this! So happy and spring-y!

  5. Very fun quilt with your dog, Victoria!

  6. Hi Victoria. I received my book today Double Wedding Ring. Just finished reading it cover to cover. Love the personal touch to the book. Really enjoyed it. Thanks again for drawing my name. I have been quilting since I have been in high school. My mother n law started me on a quilt top and I was going with my husband. It was the ugliest material but I hand pieced the whole thing and have been sewing and doing crafts for over 40 years. I could spend hours in my sewing room. My mother does not do any sewing and has a hard time hemming a pair of pants. She always wonders where I get my interest. Thanks again for your story. Marla.

  7. I thought of you last week, while at the Sewing & Quilting Expo in Schaumburg. Your tractor quilt was next to our Quits of Valor booth.


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