Monday, August 25, 2014


Remember my story about this BIG RED quilt, that I made in Missouri in July?  I left it with Shelly
(prairie moon quilts) so she could quilt it, because I needed it finished to ship off this week... So I got it back from her, got the binding, label and Quilt Sleeve added, With a little Help from you know who... Shelly did a great job on the quilting, I just love it.
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I finished it up with some hand work details, like adding the tassel in embroidery on the corn stalk.  I also added details on the small black circles as they are BUTTONS holding it all together.  Not real buttons of course, but a quirky little detail, private joke... (I don't sew buttons on, anything... haha. ;-) Hubby has to do that himself... kind of like the shoemaker with no shoes...

RED.... ahh red! Red may have been our tractor color, but since we had so much international red paint around to keep them looking good, more things were painted red on our farm...

Like our front door on the farm...

and our snowmobiles were red....

And I have not been able to let it go...
 I painted out coffee table at my house, International red also...  haha!

This quilt is in the exhibit I curated for the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo. Quilts from the NYC MOD Double Wedding Ring Challenge last year, hosted by my myself and the NYC MOD quilters, Interweave Magazine and Simplicity Creative Group.  So if you get a chance to get out to see the show, Atlanta, Quilting LIVE is the first city on the 13 city tour.
I'm also teaching two classes there! 
One is Thursday night, and One Friday morning, then quilt walk Friday at 1pm. here's the details:

So come on down! I had so much fun in Atlanta last year! 

 I named this quilt BIG RED...  Although, on the label, it also says
AKA: The FARMALL Takes a Wife
(farmall tractors...haha, get it?)

Thanks to a friend of mine, who said I should call it that... ;-) 
It made me laugh, so I kept it as it's  Pseeudonym. 

I had so much fun making this quilt. Many laughs happened along the way, which makes it all worth while.
Quilting is fun and should bring joy!



  1. I love, love, love the border on Big Red!!!


  2. IH tractors were big in my childhood too! great quilt.

  3. I was looking forward to coming to Atlanta and seeing you again, buy fabric, take classes and buy more fabric but it will be a week after surgery so I am stuck at home. Have fun! Mary Ann

  4. Love the tractor in the center of the block! Now, off to read the original post.....


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