Monday, May 12, 2014

what's cracking...

Wrapping up a few goodies around here.... Cleaning dust bunnies off my floors, and making room for Shelly from Prairie moon quilts who will be here Wednesday! Then we are off to Quilt Market Thursday.. ROAD TRIP to Pittsburgh!!!  YAHOO!

Be sure to go scour the Quilt Index for MORE INSPIRATION....

And whip up a quilt for the Quilt Alliance...

Then go buy your ticket for Quilter's Take Manhattan!

And while you need more inspiration... do so with a good read.


You need more inspiration?


Will that hold you creatively for now?

Ok,  one more....

anything from here, will inspire you.

wink.  ;-)


  1. ooh - some of those new books looks reading my first Marie Bostwick now...looking forward to living vicariously through your travels. Go Girl!!!!

  2. What fun stuff! You sure move at warp speed!

  3. Love all those little sharp points! Beautiful little quilt! Have fun tomorrow.

  4. Just caught yesterday's video, love the feathered star! Have a great time at Quilt Market. That has got to be fun...seeing all the new lines of fabric and the new gadgets.

  5. Have a fabulous time at Market! Look forward to a report...


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