Saturday, May 3, 2014

Glorious day!

My Quilt is growing! And I am falling behind!  I try to take a few minutes each day squaring up the little siggy blocks.  Aren't they so stink in cute!!!!  I have a massive pile of them here, THANK YOU to all who have sent them!  I have had to move them to another wall all for their cute, little selves.  ;-)

LINK to contribute is always in my side bar.

Here is my summer schedule... 
I am gearing/packing up now, for the month of travel. Hopefully, I will be in your area!

I still have room in my QBL classes!  COME PLAY! The classes are filling with all my pals, and it will be great fun!!! COME PLAY!!!!

The rest of my calendar cane be found here.

A glorious day, with glorious color!!!

Have a Super Saturday! 

What's on your agenda today?


  1. The sun is shining for the first time in a week, so it's a good day here. I'm working on a churn dash quilt. Have always wanted to make one. I am wondering what you are scheduled for the first two days of your Wisconsin visit? I am coming to the opening talk and reception on Friday and I know you are teaching on Saturday. Are Wed and Thurs for hanging the show? Just curious. Can believe your packing up already.

  2. Yard work just finished for today. Sewing later. Went to the North Star Quilter 's Guild show in Somers, NY. Fun seeing all the beautiful things. Gorgeous day in CT.

  3. Ladies Getting to Know You Tea at church. I was fun!

  4. Love how the siggy blocks are shaping up!
    Today I'm working on my MQG challenge project. Just a couple areas left to quilt (don't know yet what will go in there, takin' a break while I think about it) and then I can bind it and CROSS IT OFF the Projects List! Hope to be doing that tomorrow...

  5. such a a fun idea this quilt, wondering if I will spot my piece!

  6. You sure are keeping busy! Today I am still in recovery mode from working Friday and Saturday at Miller's Dry Goods Quilt Shop in Charm Ohio. It was crazy! I had my own cutting table this year and I was rarely without a customer to cut fabric for. Today at work I am fighting thru the tiredness and if it doesn't rain I will be taking a nice long walk to work out the kinks. Maybe I will get my fabric pressed that I bought at Miller's. It is all washed and is sitting in a colorful pile on my table.


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