Wednesday, April 9, 2014

this week...

Well the long arm, has made it from my house Long Island, to my new studio in NYC! 

I had not planned on bringing it in so soon, as I was really enjoying having all the extra space! LOL! It certainly takes up a load of room, BUT, I will now be able to use it more often, instead of waiting to get to my house on weekends!  

This move also means that I had to spring clean, just two months after moving into my space! THE DUST BUNNIES!!! Goodness!  

 Liza Lucy was in town yesterday, and she stopped by to see the new digs, and brought me some yummy Kaffe fabrics.
Which is always lovely!
...of course!!!!

Speaking of KAFFE, So what else is up in Bumble Beans Studio? I'm getting a binding on a quilt that sold, made mostly of Kaffe fabric. (note this was quito was made in 2009!) Yes, I have many quilts that are done, but are missing the binding! In fact, I have a whole bin of them quilted, but without binding!  I bet I'm not the only one who procrastinates binding!  I LOVE BINDING!!! But I get them piled up and then can't keep up, sigh. Better late then never, right? So I'm thrilled it has now found it's new home!


Besides that I am packing up to head to Nashville for the Modern SEWDOWN! A fun weekend lies ahead!  Hope to see a few of you there!


  1. wow looks like the studio was just wide enough to have the long arm by the window! enjoy!

  2. What a perfect spot for your long arm. I know what you mean about the dust bunnies. I cleaned my studio a month or so ago and OH MY GOODNESS! I could not believe how much dust there was everywhere.

  3. I guess we know why Liza didn't come to Central Jersey Modern Quilt Guild last night. We missed her!

  4. What a bonus to have your long arm so handy and yet out of the way. Your stack of quilts awaiting the binding are in a better stage than mine which are awaiting the quilting!

  5. Have fun in Nashville...I so wanted to go but waited too long to sign up.....sigh :-)

  6. OMG, I totally love those stars used as cornerstones!!! How did you ever do that??? Wow.

    ladara @ cfl . rr . com

  7. Have you ever thought about binding your quilts while they are on the frame?


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