Sunday, April 6, 2014

Rachel May

A fun day at City Quilter in NYC! Jan Johnson, Caroline Mason, Lisa Mason, Rayna Gilman, Myself, and Rachel May, (author of Quilting with a Modern Slant) did a panel talking about our work in Rachel's Book. It really is a beauty of a book, packed full of info of a wide inclusive amount of styles in the current Modern movement. 

We had a really nice day and discussion and we all led twitch FABRIC... You can't walk through City Quilter with out picking something up! 

One of my quilts from the book, hanging in my studio.

Rayna Gilman is a sweetheart. I met Rayna back when we started the NYC Metro Mod Quilters.  Her book:How to make your own Free Form quilts is really fun as well! Another must for your library of quilting books....

Jan Johnson Does amazing free style Embroidery, you should  indeed check her out.

Lisa and Caroline, brought their beautiful work and we got to see how a mother rubs off her quilting skills on to her daughter! ;-)  Very sweet!

A lovely day! Hope yours was great, too!


  1. I bought Rayna`s book a couple of weeks ago so now have yours and hers,loving them both, must investigate Rachel`s now, had told myself no more books but what the heck maybe one more is okay!!

  2. I have Rayna's book on my Kindle and often look to it for inspiration.

  3. I just took a workshop last week with Rayna. After being a fan of her book and video, it was great to have her as a teacher. Still trying to finish what I started. It was a big stretch for me. I will see you at QBL in July! Hopefully, I will keep improving and make some fabulous things until then.

  4. Sounds like a delightful day! What talent! Love the quilts you have shown here.


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