Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekend PLAY!

Olde City Quilts lecture was so fun… I ran into people from NYC, Philly, and new FB friends who came today to hear the lecture… Awesome to put faces to all the names!!! Thanks for coming out today ladies!!!

They had the new issue of The Quilt Life issue out!  I have an article in about the reason I make so many Star quilts… A few of these quilts will also be on display at the Wisconsin Quilt Museum in June!!
re: the mag...I hope you can take a look! Going forward, my regular Modern, column will be in the magazine!  YAY!

The Philly Modern guild was So AWESOME!!! We had an amazing lecture evening and a great workshop!  So many great ideas were born, techniques were experimented with, and inspiration was flying! Thanks PMQG! The gargantuan strawberry cake they gave me was DELISH!!!! It says Thank you Victoria for Letting us PLAY with you!  

hehe… To fun!!!

More pics to come…

I had such a nice weekend!

(And I got to IKEA, so guess what I will be doing for the next few days?
Anyone have an allen wrench? ;-)

Time to get the classroom in shape...


  1. I love the quilts and love your blog. You are very inspiring.

  2. love the scrappy quilts, I am sure you must have sold out of your book, I am an owner and find it so inspiring, just need to have some scraps so I can get going but being quite new to quilting have not built up much of a colllection yet. The cake looks so yummy

  3. Lovely quilts, Victoria, and that cake !~! Simply marvelous.

  4. Congrats on all your ongoing success! Pulled your book off the shelf to look through again over the weekend and am re-inspired to sew up more scraps and make something out of all the random bits in the "made fabric" bin.

  5. Looks like everyone had a fabulous time!! How sweet that they made you a cake - and it looks delicious!!

  6. Victoria it was so nice to see you at Olde City Quilts!! I can truly appreciate the details in each and every quilt especially since I got a seat up front with my friends. Looking forward to taking a class or two with you.

    1. Thank you for coming AMY!!! ;-) a fun day was had by all!

  7. Gorgeous pictures. Thanks for the heads up on the mag. I will check it out.

  8. We had lots of fun with you too, Victoria! Thanks for visiting Philly MQG and being such a wonderful guest.

  9. Your classroom is shaping up very nicely! I love all that light coming in the windows!


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