Friday, February 28, 2014

Inspired by, challenge!

  The annual Quilt Alliance QUILT CONTEST is up! Have you checked it out?   YAY!!!
Please pop over to see this years rules and info on the new challenge called, "Inspired by…"
By searching the QUILT INDEX for inspiration, (see note on page rules about copyright)  Design a 16" X 16" quilt.
here's a bit about the blurb here…

Get inspired by quilts shared through Q.S.O.S. or The Quilt Index.
This year we are using our contest to spread the word about the incredible resources the Quilt Alliance and its partners offer you. Inspiration is always right around the corner for your next quilt, whether it's found in a quilt shared through the Quilters' S.O.S. - Save Our Stories (Q.S.O.S.) oral history collection (including more than 1,000 interviews with quiltmakers), or spotted in The Quilt Index, an online collection of more than 54,000 quilts. The Quilt Index, a partner project of the Quilt Alliance, Michigan State University Museum and MATRIX at MSU, contains records and images of historical and contemporary quilts contributed by museums, documentation projects, historical societies, guilds and private collectors from the U.S. and around the world.
Browse or Search Q.S.O.S.
Browse or Search The Quilt Index.

Watch a video on how to Cruise & Use The Quilt Index.
The entry form for our Inspired By contest will ask you to list the source of your inspiration by giving the title, maker and date of the quilt and which project you selected it from (The Quilt Index or Q.S.O.S.).


I'm so excited by this years challenge… Each year I've pushed myself out of my own comfort zone on these challenges, and have been very pleased and a little SAD when the pieces leave me and were sold! hahah!
Well, they do go to good homes! AND, your supporting a program that helps save the stores of quilters, You, me and every other quilter!

Why else is it fun to participate? Your quilt will be added to the quilt index!

Have you been over there to search for quilts? I can spend hours over there… so much to look through…  I searched up my quilts.. You can also search up by color, theme, block etc...

Another thing that is great about the Quilt Index?
I purchased a quilt top in Iowa two summers ago… I went on the site and searched, Iowa, red green yellow, and by golly, MY quilt top I just purchased, had been documented and put on the Quilt Index!!
So I had a little more info, about my purchase!

Maybe my own quilt top, will be my inspiration for my 16" x16" quilt?  Maybe!

See it peeking out behind me?

Or maybe my inspiration will lay in this search.  ;-)

What will your inspiration be?


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