Sunday, January 5, 2014

Back in NYC!


Time to unpack and get back into the life routines!

This is a quick one…
But please visit here and see the words come to life!

I have such a mess leftover from Christmas, 
I need a few days to get everything back in order! LOL!
Did you start a NEW project for 2014 or
 are you finishing up the UFO's WIP's, PHD's!

Un-Finished Object, 
Works in Progress, of
  Practically Half Done!


  1. Very glad to hear Jenny Egg is better! Starting 2014 in a good place!!!

  2. I sat around this past weekend thinking of a word for the year. Funny, but I decided my word is 'Enough'! There are many personal reasons I have chosen this word, and it isn't necessarily because I HAVE enough (although I have A LOT). So it was wild to see you showing your Enough wall hanging on this video!

  3. Glad you enjoyed your break; I'm sure you need one since you are one busy lady! Also very glad to hear Jenny Egg is doing better. I was worried, but afraid to ask fearing silence meant bad news.

    The word of the year is a great idea! I've decided mine is going to be "stretch". There are so many ways I want to stretch myself this year in quilting, health, mind and life. I'm 58, and I do not want to be static or less as the years go by. So much left to learn, accomplish, do, and be.

  4. It's it amazing how things can get so messy? Glad to hear Jenny Egg is better. While I was off over the holidays I did get my niece's t-shirt quilt top pieced and pin basted. Then my brother called and asked for two baby quilts for two of the members of The Fray whose wives are expecting this spring. SO this weekend I have been busy putting together quilt tops with musical fabric for those. Gosh, there is always another quilt that needs made!

  5. Yes, I'm happy to see Jenny Egg is better ! That has got to be the cutest name for a dog...I may have said that before :/ Drooooool... over the Aurifil !!! Oh my goodness, your a lucky girl ! I broke down and bought my first 3 spools about 4 months ago and it's so hard to use any of my other thread now. All 3 are almost gone ! My word for the year hasn't really come to me yet...I think it might be praise, sing more praise to God and praise others way more than I do. Happy New year Victoria...I enjoy you're videos !


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