Wednesday, January 8, 2014



Been sort of, head down and barreling through stuff over there… But see what's been happening today. FUN! (NOT!)  haha! Kind of a STICKY situation…

I played in my scraps to make a heart block, then realized I made tithe wrong size.. But that's OK, it will have a new life and a new idea…

This would be my frozen NYC heart (below) today, warming up !… It's 9degrees! A bit of an improvement over yesterday's 6 degrees!

WORDS!!! Pop over and see the words appearing at 15 Minutes of play!  SO MUCH FUN!

 Oh, Have you tried this?

I didn't think it would get it so close! But it did! So, which am I?  
The Midwesterner or the New Yorker?  haha!


  1. You're amazing! Love the heart:)

  2. Great block! I know you'll do something amazing with it.

  3. Hey, I was from Minneapolis, too! Of course I was born in FL and only have lived in Hawaii & CA and never set foot anywhere near Minneapolis, but I guess if I make it there someday, I'll know the local lingo!

  4. I am a red New Yorker and a yellowish Midwesterner. I left MN when I was 20 and have lived in NY for over 50 I suspect I've been brainwashed!

  5. bleh on the sink!!! love love love the heart... yes.. a BEDSIZE quilt.. go for it!

  6. Oh no!!! That is a VERY sticky situation. I bet B feels terrible :(
    I'll agree with everyone else and say I do love that heart you're playing with.
    Good luck with all your crazy deadlines.
    Andi x

  7. That heart is amazing, LOVE IT!!

  8. That is a beautiful block! luv it!

  9. OMG, that reminds me of what my friend and i did to her parents drain pipes. i had this ingenious idea of making a candle with crushed ice. we used a plastic milk jug that didn't have the top. i told her if we just held the jug upside down that by the time it got to the bottom the waxed with get hard...not. it went down the drain and solidified. thank god her father knew how to take care of getting the wax out of the drain. we were probably 19 at the time. don't let B know about this.

    love the heart block!

  10. I did the quiz twice - I did give me a few different questions the second time. The first time the cities were Des Moines, Omaha, and Lincoln. The second time I got St. Louis, Fort Wayne, and Dayton. I have lived in Ohio the majority of my life with a few years in Indiana including Fort Wayne, and a year in Pennsylvania when I was in college. So the second time was a closer match.

    Right now I don't have glue in my pipes, but I am having trouble keeping the pipes to one of the sinks in my downstairs bathroom from freezing. It was 10 degrees when I got to work at 7:30 but it had dropped to 7 even though the sun is shining.

  11. adore the block, I just picked up a bag of scraps today, and am antsy to make this if I knew how
    weird quiz, I did it and it came up that I am use to talking as if I am from Cincinnati or louisville, KY. actually I am from Lexington , KY and live in TX

  12. Love the heart block.
    Fun quiz. My three closest cities are Anchorage, Lincoln (Nebraska) and Springfield (Mass.). Now what does that say about my accent!

  13. Just saw your new book at my sister's quilt shop yesterday ( Her signed copy ) It is just a beautiful book.Thank you for your inspiration!


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